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Nordstrom Employee Issues

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Does the company have an ethics policy? Conflicts of Interest Nordstrom values fair and honest dealings with their customers, coworkers, suppliers, competitors and other business partners. Directors are expected to uphold these values by avoiding conflicts of interest. Conflicts of interest also may arise when a Director, or a member of his or her family, receives personal benefits such as gifts as a result of his or her position as a Director with Nordstrom.

Directors should use good judgment at all times to avoid relationships that could create a real or perceived conflict of interest. If a Director believes he or she has an actual or potential conflict of interest with Nordstrom, the Director shall notify the Chair of the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee as promptly as practicable and shall not participate in any deliberations and decisions by the Board of Directors that in any way relates to the matter that gives rise to the conflict of interest.

Corporate Opportunities Directors owe a duty to Nordstrom to advance its legitimate interests when the opportunity to do so arises. Directors may not take for themselves a business opportunity (or direct a business opportunity to a third party) that is discovered through the use of Nordstrom property, information or position, unless Nordstrom has already been offered the opportunity and determined that it will not pursue that opportunity Confidentiality

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Nordstrom Employee Issues

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Each Director, during his or her term of office, and after leaving the Board, must maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to him or her by Nordstrom and any other confidential information about Nordstrom that comes to him or her, from whatever source, in his or her capacity as a Director, except when disclosure is authorized or legally mandated or when the information becomes generally available to the public. . How are employee and labor issues addressed? Nordstrom has an open door policy.

Each employee has the responsibility to speak up to create a safer work environment that supports an environment where each can realize their potential, and contributes to the company’s goal of providing excellent customer service. If you have any questions about the Code of Conduct or have a concern about any employee or customer conduct, we want to hear from you. The expectation is that any concerns will be brought up immediately. Also, in the event any employees observe illegal or unethical behavior, they have a responsibility to speak up.

An anonymous or confidential option is also available. Call 1. 888. 832. 8358 or visit ethicspoint. com. Retaliation is Not Permitted Nordstrom will not permit any retaliation against employees who report possible misconduct, raise a concern regarding a violation of this Code, participate in an investigation or otherwise engage in legally protected activity. Anyone who retaliates will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. http://shop. nordstrom. com/c/nordstrom-cares-environment? origin=topnav

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