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Nominal Group Technique

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Nominal Group Technique In 1968 Andre Delbecq co-developed with Andrew H. Van de Ven the Nominal Group Technique, which has diffused worldwide to become the most widely used method of group brainstorming. ? and has been applied to adult education program planning by Vedros. ? What is the NGT? The Nominal Group Technique (NGT), is a decision making method for use among groups of many sizes, who want to make their decision quickly, as by a vote, but want everyone's opinions taken into account. ? There will be one facilitator in each group and group members. Materials we need for NGT Steps Define problem/issue as a question Divide the people into small groups Brainstorm individually Evaluate ; vote Clarifying questions, explanations Share ideas with everyone Sum votes then get the best one. Case Study Aunt Barbara passed away and left you a company – equal number of shares for each Amusement Park ? Office Building ? ? ? ? ? Closed during Autumn and Winter – costs still occur Fairly good revenues in the Summer Profit – but falling year by year ;Machines are getting old

In the city center Rising competition ;New, modern offices Cheap, but can’t lower the prices any more ? No competition Case Study The company has some cash, and no outstanding debts ? It’s September and you are having your first meeting as new owners ? How could the company increase its profits? Case Study Ideas ? ? Votes ? Ranks ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Pros ? ? ? ? Cons requires preparation ? for some people it might be too structured/bounded ? regulates discussion – less stimulating than other techniques ? nly a single question can be discussed at a time ? ? minimizes influence of others large quantity of ideas everyone has an equal opportunity to share their ideas no judgment/criticism more satisfying to participants than other techniques When is it useful? ? ? ? ? When some group members are much more vocal than others. When there is concern about some members not participating. When all or some group members are new to the team. When some group members think better in silence.

Source: http://asq. org/learn-about-quality/idea-creation-tools/overview/nominal-group. html When is it useful? ? ? ? ? When the group does not easily generate quantities of ideas. When the issue is controversial or there is heated conflict. When we want multiple alternatives for further examination When we want to prioritize the issues Source: http://asq. org/learn-about-quality/idea-creation-tools/overview/nominal-group. html Thank you for your attention! ?

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Nominal Group Technique

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