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Noah’s Arf: Coming to the Dogs

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Kris Price possesses most of the skills that are vital to be a successful entrepreneur. Having a successful career in Nike, Inc. prior to her business venture in establishing Noah’s Arf only means that she is a skilled and accomplished employee. Despite her blossoming career in Nike, Inc. she took the risk of quitting her job to start her own business that unknowingly would be the successful animal haven as we know now called Noah’s Arf.

Being an entrepreneur, one must be willing to take risks. Even without prior knowledge of what the outcomes will be in either introducing a new product or expanding one’s business to a new location, an entrepreneur should be willing to take that risk and be able to muddle through the consequences no matter how difficult it would be. Taking risks is very important in dealing with one’s business because entrepreneurs who take risks are most probably the ones who get to experience bigger successes because they were brave enough to try. Kris happens to be one of them. (Sullivan)

Kris’ creativity, innovativeness, and her intention to provide services needed by people, led her to develop the concept of Noah’s Arf. From a need, and that is the need to have someone check-up and care for her pet while she traveled elsewhere as an employee for Nike, Inc., the idea of a pet care facility cropped up. It was really impressive that she made efforts to conduct research in order to have an idea of how to develop a pet care facility and determine whether other business establishments offer the kind of service that she wants to provide for her target clients.

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Noah’s Arf: Coming to the Dogs

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Although she was inexperienced in writing business plans, she was able to find a solution to her dilemma. She used the Business Plan Pro computer software to write a business plan before starting to develop her vision of a pet care facility. Kris’ resourcefulness led to the development of Noah’s Arf’s business plan that contains the highlights of the pet care facility, the mission and objectives of the business establishment, and the image that it wants to develop for its customer as a credible and responsible pet care facility dedicated to provide for 24-hour service to its customers.

Kris once again displayed her willingness to take risks by selling her house and donating her car to be able to raise funds as capital for her business venture. She even applied for a loan, believing that everything that she will be working on will pay off soon. Because of her innate entrepreneurial qualities, Noah’s Arf proved to be successful even after two months of opening up to the public. In just six months, she was able to draw clients, totaling to twenty dogs taken care by Noah’s Arf everyday.

In order to attract more customers and contribute to her already solid client base, she spends time promoting her business, the in-home care services, as she calls it, to be specific. This service is very in demand during the holiday season. Perhaps Noah’s Arf is very successful because Kris is able to provide her clients the services that they really need. In addition to this, Kris was able to pick a strategic location, and that is putting up her business near the park where most people take their pets. Lastly, her success is simply because she loves and enjoys what she is doing. According to Kris, she is “working on adrenalin now.”

Noah’s Arf: The Business Plan

The business plan was successful in attracting clients to patronize her business. For the most part, the services that she offers are clearly some of the needs and demands of clients. Her reputation as a very hard-working and dedicated employee and her involvement in a service-oriented company prior to her business venture is convincing enough to trust and support the services she is offering.

The business plan pointed out the services that she would be offering in Noah’s Arf, her credibility and qualities as an entrepreneur to provide for the needs of her clients as needed. The means of how she is going to establish her business was also mentioned in the business plan. (Business Plan Pro)

The focal point of her business plan is very ambitious, in a good way though. Through this we can say that she believes and has faith in her vision in that she plans to achieve a steady increase in the facilities’ annual income, fifty percent gross income on her products for pets, maximization of resources, and expansion in the years to come. She does not limit her services to only dogs and cats and offers convenience for her clients and their pets, etc. These services and her ability to look through the future and predict the outcomes of her business take her halfway to meeting her goals and objectives as a pet care facility entrepreneur. (Business Plan Pro)

However, business plans only give the entrepreneur a guide that would lead him tentatively to where everything in the business is going. These business plans change if, in application to real life, it fails to provide for the ideal concept embodied in it. In this case, changes to the business plan will apply if for instance, Kris fails to acquire loans to start-up her business.

Then there would be changes as to the target objectives and the entire plan might be altered to fit the amount of money that she has for capital. In the actual business setting, if for instance the business establishment fails to acquire the target number of clients to furnish the amount of money needed to pay off the loans, etc. because of the location, then Kris might make another plan of establishing her business elsewhere. Business plans are changed if the output of the business does not meet the intended projection for the business in a short term and long-term basis.

Noah’s Arf: The Website

All the necessary information for the clients who want to check out the services they offer and want to look through the character of the facility is incorporated in the website. However, it would be great if the website were redeveloped to achieve a more attractive and amusing website that people would enjoy to browse through. Since Noah’s Arf is promoting a fun and clean environment for the clients’ pest, it would a good idea to add color and vibrancy to the physical make-up of the website.

The links that are found at the bottom of the webpage should be put at a taskbar that is noticeable and that people can access easily. It is good that all the basic information is there in the website. It just needs a little restructuring to be true to the character that Noah’s Arf is portraying to its clients.

Advertising and Promotional Strategies

The use of the website is a good strategy to win over clients. Noah’s Arf should offer free and informational newsletters that will not only be available to those who visit the website but also for people who only get the time to check their e-mails. Clients who are on the go and leave their pets to the facility should be sent e-mail about recent news and other information that is related to pet caring, etc. There should be a sign-up button wherein people can sign in their names to be able to receive free newsletters. Through this, Noah’s Arf will also be able to include in their newsletters advertising for the services they offer, new promotional services, events for animals and pet-owners, etc.

Another way is to sponsor a dinner featuring the dogs or cats in a fashion show. This is a great idea because the location of Noah’s Arf is accessible to most of the pet owners who take their pets to the park. It would be a great way to attract more people and clients for them to see the quality of services offered by Noah’s Arf. Through this other people will get to see and hear from Noah’s Arfs’ client base about the goodness and quality service provided by their clients. In addition to this, Noah’s Arf can get a sponsor from animal rights organizations and get to establish a larger network because of the organization’s endorsements.


Future Challenges

As she was expecting, one of the future challenges that she will be facing for her business would be expansion. As her client base expands, there would also be a need to develop her business to be able to provide for the heightened needs of her growing clients, even in other places. It would be great, although a big risk, to establish a branch elsewhere, but if there is a need to, then she must be able to do it.

Another thing is that as many innovative ideas are being developed nowadays, Noah’s Arf must be able to cope up with these changes and incorporate in their business technological advances that would help in systematizing tasks in the workplace. This would be difficult phase because further research and testing is needed to prove whether these changes will be feasible for her business. Aside from this, many ideas about pet care and animal rights are now cropping up and catching the attention of the people. Noah’s Ark should be aware of these ideas to be able to shape their establishment in a way that does not cause the loss of clients and endorsers alike.





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