Nixon’s Southern Strategy and Forces Against Brown

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Do you remember your first day of school ? How was it ? Was it scary? I bet going to a segregated school where you were getting all types of looks , its way different the early 1900's. from people judging you about the clothes you were to the style of your hair.

This article discusses Richard M . Nixon , the United States President in 1968 gave birth to the modern reform movement through public vouchers and other educational reform measures under his " Southern Strategy " that was designed to gain the votes of individuals who oppose school desegregation . The political activities in school desegregation after Brown by the two major political parties , namely the democrats and the republicans are discussed.

President Richard Nixon reacted to the 1971 court decision on Swann verses Charlotte- Mecklenburg school district , a school desegregation case that approved to use of race to assign students to school by the use of busing , by instructing the U.S. justice department to draft a constitutional amendment to nullify the court's decision. (Kruger 1975 )

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In my view President Richard Nixon was just trying to get white American votes . Bussing is still going today for example ; where I stay I'm between two elementary school's and you would think that my children could attend both schools but that's not the case . I guess the way the school district resolved the issue was by halving up the neighborhood.

Which I consider crazy because back when I was going to school my road in particular wasn't considered a bus stop and our parents were able to choose whichever school .they wanted us to attend . Now , the way they separated the neighborhood the cut off spot or road I should say is the road right before mine . We didn't have that problem because we had to go to the next road anyway to catch the bus the same exact road they use as a cut off for the first elementary school.

I think its so selfish how we as a people can't get along enough to join and become equal enough to get an education . I thought that was the reason for the separate but equal doctrine . Opposition to school desegregation was intense from the beginning and continues to this day ; and the results are clear , that is , the whitest American do not support school desegregation ( Jeffries , 1994 ; Motley , 1998 ; Olgetree , 2004).

This is so true because In 1970 , Vigor High School on Wilson Avenue , which had been Prichard's white high school during segregation , was 70% white . By 1980 , It was 80% black . Although most of Prichard's remaining majority-white areas were in this district , many families had put their students into parochial or private schools . Before this came about Prichard was predominately white until they move black in the area to work at the paper mill.

I totally agree with frank browns argument favoring integration on buses and in all areas of public accommodation and travel . Human beings have struggled with / on centuries to gain equal rights . Western civilization has been characterized by the hegemonic domination by white males.

This power structure has frequently and historically excluded women and minorities . In the United States , despite the foundational creed that " all men are created equal , " it has taken centuries of struggle to gain equal rights . Equal rights , of equality before the law , means that all individuals are subject to the same laws of justice. People must be treated equally with / as / for regard to race , gender , national origin , skin color , religion or disability.

African Americans were one of the first groups granted equal rights in the United States , through the passage of the 14th Amendment , which outlawed slavery . Achieving equal rights in reality took another century of struggle . Women , as well , although granted the right to vote for / by 1920 , continue to work towards equal rights , most recently through pay equity . Congress should terminate all programs because of the harm they caused minority students.

I am so glad they passed the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 states that No person in the United States shall , on the ground of race , color , or national origin , be excluded from participation in , be denied the benefits of , or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance . Equality means everyone has an identical quantity of everything ; no one is considered superior or inferior.

Equality means that all children can grow up and go to school with equal access to the English language here in America . Everyone should be treated as fairly and as worthy of respect and basic rights as their peers from the moment they are born . People being able to be themselves , walking through life with inherent characteristics that should be considered neutral such as ethnicity , skin color , gender , physical disabilities , mental disability without having to face discrimination based on their presence or characteristics.

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