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Nike Writes the Future Case Study

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Nike is one of the renowned sports brands in the world. In 2010, Nike introduced their “Nike writes the future” commercial campaign. This was aired for the Soccer world cup 2010. Even though Adidas was the sole sponsor for this event, Nike introduced this 3-minute advertisement as a rival company. Nike soccer build their brand not only through their advertisements but also with public relations, sponsorships and innovations. Nike engaged young consumers via internet and on the field.

In addition, Nike has achieved its market through sponsorships to use their products and promote and advertise their technology and design. Moreover, Nike has kept their customers engaged through introducing devices such as Nike fuel band, Nike sports watch, Nike running app etc. How is Nike Soccer creating excitement for its brand through advertising? Kotler defines excitement as “Customer engagement through experiential and emotional involvement with sellers”. When it comes to marketing its vital to have the customer engaged with sellers through excitement.

In order to achieve customer involvement Nike Soccer introduced “Nike writes the future” commercial campaign in 2010. Nike sponsored soccer players starred in these advertisements, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Fabio Cannavaro, Franck Ribery and Wayne Rooney. This ad campaign contrasted between results of Rooney’s failures and successes. Rooney’s failures could result in stock market crash or life spent without having any money. His successes could result in babies named after him or knighthood etc. In addition, to the aforementioned advertisement Nike had other engaging ads as well. The Mission”, “Airport scene”. By using celebrity footballers such as, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Nike captured the attention of fans of these players, and this video went viral on the internet. Nike used social media as another source to publicize these advertisements. How is Nike Soccer sponsorship creating excitement for its brand? In 1995 Nike soccer signed long term partnerships with Brazilian and United States soccer teams. Their website shows a list of their sponsored teams, such as Barcelona, Manchester United, and Arsenal etc.

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By offering sponsorships Nike get to advertise their products and innovations through these teams. When these teams are using Nike products, fans of these teams will inevitably get attached to Nike brand. Thus, gaining a new customer base, and building a close customer relationship. How is Nike Soccer creating value for its brand through public relations? “– it’s about striving for the best, creating value for the business and innovating for a better world. ” (Nike, 2012) Innovating for a better world was one of Nike’s ultimate goals. Nike conducted several events and designed products to achieve this goal.

In 2010 Nike conducted a campaign called ‘The Chance – Write the Future’. Whole purpose of this campaign was to attract young talented soccer players to trial at Nike academy. In conjunction to this campaign, Nike encouraged its audiences to write 57 character headline messages to inspire their favorite soccer players, through Twitter, Facebook and other social media services. Nike conducted several campaigns in African continent to prevent HIV/AIDS. With their RED campaign Nike donated 100% of profits from purchases of Nike RED laces to HIV/AIDS education and medication in Africa.

Public relations is a more powerful tool compared to advertising. Public relations creates an environment for brand exhibition and education. Thus, bringing the brand to the hidden parts of the world. How is Nike Soccer creating value for its brand through innovations? Nike has introduced several devices and programs over the past years. In 1993, Nike started ‘Reuse-A-Shoe’. In this program they grinded foam, fabric and rubber of worn out shoes of various brands and turns them into athletic surfaces. This was one of the oldest innovations of Nike.

Nike introduced ‘Elite Series’ soccer boots. Elite Series came with the Nike Football+ feature. Users get to access interactive online training by soccer experts from famous clubs. In addition, Nike introduced Nike Soccer+ for iPhone and iPod. When Nike introduces a new product it opens up new marketing channels, and the brand will be featured once again. Therefore, the brand won’t die in the market. In addition, Product innovation, causes a diversification of the brand. New products can be introduced to new customers. In today’s market businesses cannot stay without product innovation.

Through product innovation Nike was able to attract new customers and keep old customers throughout the period. How is Nike Soccer developing the soccer category as a brand leader? In order to gain international recognition Nike shifted to soccer category in 1994, when it had a turnover of US$40 million. Nike recently introduced laser soccer field s across Madrid. As a part of their #MiPista campaign, Nike is promoting their street-specific shoes with insta-soccer fields. Anyone can request a portable field using a smartphone or computer and then play virtually on any flat.

Upon request, a team of Nike will gather to the requested place and setup a laser soccer field to grant the high-tech wish. Conclusion Over the past 20 years Nike Soccer has gained huge a customer base, and in return they have gone a long way. Nike has gained the respect of so many customers and they have a reputable brand. Nike has covered almost every aspect of marketing in order to get in to the top. However, Nike needs to come up with new innovations every once in a while to stay on the top of Soccer brands.

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