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My Words of Wisdom We are all human beings who need to live together on the same earth, but different environments have different characteristics that can help us achieve goals. Some of us like to stay in the safe zone and enjoy the tranquil moments; some of us like to conquer the Nonverbal of our imagination and enjoy exciting moments; some of us with creative spirits enjoy taking extraordinary journeys. No matter which type of life we choose or which type characteristics we have, challenge always acts as a naughty kid, who hides in he corner and makes us either scream and run away or smile and embrace him as a friend.

Lee Perry said, "You can do what you think you can do, so think you can do it, and do it. " The image math gave to me is a weirdo model consisting of a digital compiled body covered by parabola hair send out flashing radical signals once in a while. The model's circular face is embedded with lonely points for eyes and a logical expression that IS dry and without tedious emotions. When we draw close to it, we feel like we are lost in a barren dessert. There we step into a sea of sand, dazed by the mirages of different types of questions which make us flounder hopelessly to find our direction.

Although our survival desire is strong, we are too often too lethargic to stand up and confront our delusions of grandeur. Every time when I attended math class, I was scared to step into the classroom. Why? Not all Asians are geniuses at math; at least I am the one who is not. The math terminology spoken out from the math teacher was an alien language that blew through my ears and left a breeze in my brain but no knowledge manned. The problem or test I got from the math class was like a blank puzzle, but had no idea how to solve it.

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I finally find the way to solve this problem. I realized that there was no way that I could solve this problem or test; so I quit. Coming to the U. S. Gave me a second chance to retake the math, and I appreciate this chance. With a speeding heartbeat, I walked into my first math class (MAT 120) at MAC. In my mind, felt a bunch of questions swirling like a whirlwind around in my brain. I imagined that I heard a devil's choice shouting out with a contemptuous laugh, "You think you will understand the math in English?

There's no way! " In my deepest mind, a voice burst out like a volcano, and the energy flowed into every cell of my body: "In the future, do not look back and view your life with regret; do the best you can now so that you can look forward to a promising future. " "Challenge accepted! " I told myself. Every class when I listen to the lesson, my ears start to translate the instructor's words, and save information into my memory area. I do not skip the difficult problems.

I read the book to understand the examples, ask friends, teachers, and tutors questions about what I do not fully understand to help me boost my knowledge. Spend whole afternoons working with tutors and studying in the math center to finish my homework. Gradually, the way American instructors teach me becomes like a sparkling rope that guides me in the right direction as take the long, dark journey to conquer math. The method that tutors taught me like a sword of wisdom to help me eliminate the math enemies. I realize that I enjoy the moment when my pen writes out the right answers to problems.

I enjoy seeing those numbers dance with cheerful rhythm to celebrate their lively show in the realistic world. In that moment, I know that I have learned how to treat math as a part of my life, not a weirdo model that I am scared to touch. When I received the highest score after finishing my first math class at MAC, I was crying and laughing. The complex emotions I felt were like a salad mixed with different ingredients, full of sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter tastes. Challenges are monsters if people are too scared to confront them and convert them onto allies.

Challenges are only fortunate if people embrace them as they are, accept the responsibility to grow to deserve them, and dedicate themselves to making them a vibrant part of their lives. Then, in old age, people can look back upon their lives and see how the path that they have taken has led them upward to a mountain top. From this summit, they can view the distant valleys and say to themselves, "l have followed a good path, have kept the Way, and I have achieved my goals. I have lived a good life. Now, look forward to my next challenge. "

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