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There Is no perfect society In the world, and there will never be any perfect society. People can have their Imagination on what they would prefer as their Ideal society and everyone varied from person to person. If I had the opportunity to create what I thought would be the Ideal society our world would be a completely different place. There would be so many changes to the world that we live in today. The idea behind my society is to bring people together and understand other cultures and what their beliefs, ideas, and norms are.

These changes will be explained in full details in the allowing paragraphs. We will begin with the physical features and geographical location of this place. My ideal world would take place on an island called La Islam Diverse. It would be located somewhere between west coast of the United States and the coast of Asia. The name would come from the word diverse, which would suit the inhabitants of the island. La Islam Diverse would be made up of sand, palm trees, plants, mountains and houses made from the wood/leafs from the palm trees themselves.

The Island would be about the same size of Texas and would be made up of about 100-150 Inhabitants. Much of the land would be unexplored and be available for the Inhabitants to go out and explore. The temperature on the La Islam Diverse would be the same year-round. During the day the temperature would vary between 80-90 degrees, and at night the temperature would drop to the ass's. There would be days when it's cloudy and rainy but the temperature would remain the same. The sun rises every morning at am and it will go down at pm.

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La Islam Diverse would be such a beautiful place with beautiful weather, features, and also the people abroad the island. Up to now you may have questions and wonder what's so different bout this Island than any other Island. The secret behind this Island is that it is an island where marijuana Is grown and cultivated by the Inhabitants as their Job. With Marijuana beginning to legalize in the United States, the Inhabitants live on this island rent free to work growing marijuana for the government. The Inhabitants have previously received training and certifications for the cultivation of this plant.

These people live abroad La Islam Diverse along with their families to grow marijuana that will later be sold in the united States. The island is ruled by the united States overspent and these inhabitants are paid extremely good money for what they do. The Island is protected by the united States Marine Corps, with absolutely no problems abroad the island. The people work form Imam-pm at various and specific locations spread across the island. La Islam Diverse is an island that only selected people may live abroad.

These people are selected by the government to travel to this island for up to a year with their family and where everything is provided. The families aboard this Island are fed, and taken care by through deferent institutions set up by the government. Nothing is paid for out of pocket by any of the Inhabitants, everything Is provided to them. One of the requirements before leaving the states and traveling to La Islam Delvers Is that you leave all monetary values home; any money found aboard the island will be confiscated. There are many rules and in that person and their family being sent back to the states.

Some of these rules include things such as: No reproduction will take place on La Islam Diverse, People found smuggling or smoking Marijuana aboard the island will be automatically be kicked off the island, and if any person is accused of committing a crime this will be enough to kick the person off the island. There are no doctors or hospitals aboard the island therefore any person who gets sick and is unable to perform the daily functions of the Job will be sent back to the states for proper medical attention. As far as the economy on La Islam Diverse, there isn't one.

The people come onto this island under contract to work for a year and eligibility for an extension depending on their work quality. Everything is paid for while you and your family live on the island food, clothes, and any other necessity. At the end of your year the government will advise you of your eligibility to return for another year, it's up to inhabitant to decide if he was to continue to work for another year. If he does not want to return or is simply not eligible to return they along with the family will be returned back to their lives in the states.

Upon leaving the island the government cuts the family a check for a significant amount for their labor aboard the island. The island is not dominated by one race or culture. The name of the island reflects the people of the island. Diversity is the most important and key behind this society. The goal of the overspent is to bring people from as many different cultures and races with many different beliefs, ideas, and norms to this island to integrate and see how people are able to adapt and work with each other.

With nowhere to go and having to live on an island with many people you are forced to adapt and get to know how other people work and are required to be able to work with these individuals. Any act of racism or hate crime towards any other inhabitant of the island automatically gets you kicked off and banned off the island with no pay. Of course there will be problems on the island because people with different views will have conflicts as their ideas will clash but the idea is being able to come together and work as one. After a serious offense is when people will be punished and even kicked off the island.

There is a process that must be gone through to be eligible to live on La Islam Diverse. First, a person must apply through a website after filling out a lengthy application the person is given an aptitude test based on diversity. The government will base the test results and choose people that are qualified for the position, and bring them in for a face to ace interview. During the interview they will find out more about the applicant and ask further questions regarding cultures and race. If the applicant is qualified after the interview he will be given a background package that needs to be returned within two weeks.

When the background check comes back and if the applicant has no prior criminal charges and no history that would disqualify him/her they get added to a list. The person if not certified to grow and cultivate marijuana must take and complete a seminar within a month of being accepted. Since the island is only able to eave a maximum occupancy of 150 inhabitants, the people that are hired and go through the process are put on a list that. As people's years are up on the island these people are replaced by the qualified people on the list.

The process is lengthy but the right steps are taken to choose the right people to work on La Islam Diverse with no problems. Once on La Islam Diverse there are many things to do besides sightseeing. There are many boats, and Jet skis that families are able to reserve and rent for fun. There are many parks for families to bring their kids and integrate them with other different cultures and races. On the weekends no one works so it is used as time to come together with the other inhabitants and their families and become educated on diversity.

The island is always safe as no intruders are allowed onto the island and the coasts are patrolled by the Marine Corps. Any problems aboard the island are also handled and situated by the Marine Corps. This island is not Just created for people to come and work, the main focus of the island is that families use it as a tool and also an eye opening experience to learn about other cultures, beliefs, and norms of the other inhabitants on this island. In conclusion, my society and ideal world would be an experiment focused on the idea of integrating people and having them come together to work together.

Our world today is not aware of the millions of other people and beliefs of these people that exist today. La Islam Diverse is a form of education for people to understand cultures, beliefs, and norms of other people in the world today. When people are hired they are not told that they will be living with people from different backgrounds with different beliefs than them. It is the Job of the person to be able to adapt to the changes and having to open up and earn about the other people aboard the island.

The ideal situation is that people are able to adapt and work with other people at the same time learning and being open to changes and understanding that not everyone functions the same way. My society would be an experiment but a way for people to integrate while growing and working together to produce a drug that has been known to be able to bring people together. The best part of this whole experiment is that you make a significant amount of money if you're able to adapt and come together and fulfill your requirement of at least on year.

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