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My Personal Learning Style

Essay Topic:

Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘’Tell me and I forget.Teach me and I remember.Involve me and I learn.

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’’ Great quote to simplify how some people learn best, by doing rather than seeing or hearing. It is important to realize that most students do not know the learning style that stands out in their personalities; under that circumstance, it could be hard for them to improve their grades.

That is why I consider important knowing and understanding the characteristic of a kinesthetic learner to thereby adjust my study habits and do better in college. Whereas for some people it is easy to remember materials they have seen or heard, for me it is easy to remember things that I have experienced. Likewise, I can say that ‘’learning through doing’’ is the first characteristic that helped me to recognize myself as a kinesthetic learner.

Additionally, there are three others characteristics that put me in that category. First of all, I learn best by actively exploring objects. I do not usually read instructions or manuals, ‘’Forget the manual, I will work it out’’ is a phrase I use often when I buy a new electronic device or any product that needs to be assembled. Secondly, as a kinesthetic learner I find hard to study by reading or listening. It takes me more time to remember and understand the material given in class.

As a result, I quickly get tired and bored about studying and later I may become distracted by my need for activity. The final characteristic that makes a this kind of learner is that I need to be active constantly. I may feel uncomfortable if I have to sit for long periods of time, specially in classrooms where I lack of opportunities for exploration. The only exception of a class where I never become bored during high school was chemistry, due to the experiments that the professor assigned in class.

It is important for me as a student to know the study habits that fit better my learning style, it not only will help me to preform better in college, but it also will make me understand and study the material given in class easily and quickly. The first adjustment I would like to make to my study habits is joining to study groups. Better understanding of the course material and the development of teamwork skills are some of the benefits I can obtain by joining to people who are willing to learn with me.

Another change I would make to my study habits to fit my learning style, would be studying in short blocks. It is true that my need of exploring distracts me while I study for tests or quizzes, but taking breaks of 15 minutes as a reward after studying from 45 to 60 minutes, will help me to get rid of any possible distraction or negative feelings such as, boredom or tiredness. By carefully making the right adjustments to my study habits that, at the same time, would fit my personal learning style, I know that I would improve and do better as a student not only in tests and quizzes, but also in college.

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