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The construct of larning manner has been studied by many different methods. Learning manners can be defined as the features and preferable manner in which a individual used to garner, place and treat information ( Fleming, 2001 ) . For Kolb ( 1984 ) , larning manner is the procedure in which a individual receives new information and accomplishments. Sternberg 's ( 2001 ) definition of tilting manner is different from that of Kolb 's and Fleming 's, Sternberg defines larning manner as a accustomed form or preferred manner which a individual uses to make something through different activities over a long period of times. The above definitions have a common point which individual have their ain penchant in larning. If people understand more about their acquisition manner, they can happen a better manner to larn and go a more adept scholar ( Sze, 2009 ) . It helps single to larn new things efficaciously and expeditiously because they understand their acquisition experience and cognize the thing which they need ( Sze, 2009 ) . I would wish to utilize VARK and Honey & A ; Mumford to happen out my larning penchant.


VARK is a set of systematic inquiries which ab initio decided in 1987 by Neil Fleming to supply an person with an apprehension of their acquisition penchant about the manner which an person would wish to take-in and give-out information ( VARK, 2012 ) . The acronym VARK stands for Visual ( V ) , Aural ( A ) , Read/write ( R ) and Kinesthetic ( K ) sensory modes which used by an person to larn information ( VARK, 2012 ) .

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After I finished the VARK trial, I found that I have a multi-model ( VARK ) larning penchant. The mark spread between the four modes of VARK is really little. I scored 10, 9, 8 and 10 in Visual, Aural, Read/Write and Kinesthetic severally. It means my learning penchant is the mixtures of the four manners. The consequence of the study is rather accurate for me that I am traveling to explicate the results of the consequence with my day-to-day life and learning experience.

When I studied in the high sheepskin in concern disposal, I enjoyed the lectors to utilize different diagrams, charts and models which used to depict some complex or abstract theories or information. For illustration, the lector used the diagram to demo the constituents of the Gross national income. It made me to understand and have new cognition more rapidly. Although, I would wish to larn cognition through ocular manner, I would non disregard the read/write class. It is besides of import for me to retain information. When I was making the concluding twelvemonth undertaking in the high sheepskin, I preferred to happen out the utile information from the books and cyberspace. After that, I would observe down some of import information which I may utilize in the undertaking. For kinaesthetic class, it is besides the manner to assist me geting new things through experience or pattern. I had a portion clip occupation last twelvemonth which I needed to put in the visible radiation in different exhibitions. At the first clip I joined the squad, I did non cognize how to put the visible radiation. After the supervisor 's presentation and my pattern, I could make it by myself rapidly. I besides like to have and give out sentiments in group treatment. It is because I can have different suggestions and thoughts when holding a treatment. It give me I good opportunity to roll up and increase cognition. As a multi-modal penchant scholar, I can be more flexible to alter my larning manner from one to another to run into different larning or working environment. However, multi-model scholars may experience insecure by merely utilizing one penchant to larn, they may necessitate more than one manner or schemes to have new information ( VARK, 2012 ) .

Honey & A ; Mumford 's Learning Styles Questionnaires ( LSQ )

The Honey & A ; Mumford 's ( 1992 ) LSQ is first developed in 1982 which was based on the David Kolb 's Learning Styles Inventory ( LSI ) . Different from the Kolb 's LSI which utilizing abstract words, Honey & A ; Mumford 's LSQ focal point on existent work activities. It makes the users to understand more easy. LSQ aims to LSQ divides larning manners into four types ; Militants, Theorists, Pragmatists and Reflectors.

The study of the LSQ said that I have strong penchant on reflectors. It means that I will seek to understand and analysis the things exhaustively before doing a decision. It is rather appropriate to depict my larning penchant. I had many different group treatments with my squad members when I studied in sheepskin and high sheepskin in concern disposal. I seldom gave out my sentiment instantly during the first meeting. I normally listened to other members ' positions and suggestions and so thought what they said is suited for the undertaking or assignment. I would roll up the information from the cyberspace and text editions to turn out my points were right. After I considered different deductions, I would give my sentiments. I do non truly hold that I have a moderate penchant on militant in the study. I prefer to make something practically by following structural instructions. I am non easy to affect in new experience without careful analysis.

Restriction of VARK and Honey & A ; Mumford 's LSQ

Harmonizing to Hawk and Shah ( 2007 ) , there has non adequate research to back up the cogency and dependability of the VARK. Fleming and Baume ( 2006 ) besides said that cognizing one 's larning penchant did non intend the individual could better its acquisition. It merely tells us our larning penchant.


The alone form of ideas, feelings and behaviours which an person persists over a clip and across state of affairs can be defined as personality ( Morris & A ; Maisto, 2009 ) . After reexamining different definitions of personality, Sadeghi, Kasim, Tam & A ; Abdullah ( 2012 ) besides said that `` to sum up, personality can be defined as a dynamic and organized set of features possessed by every individual that distinctively and unambiguously influences his or her behaviours, motives, and knowledges in assorted state of affairss. '' Knowing one 's personality helps us to acknowledge 'real you ' which can profit for our farther development of our possible ( Barrett & A ; Green, 2011 ) .

Myers Briggs Type Indicator ( MBTI )

The MBTI is a systematic questionnaire which was developed by the female parent and girl squad of Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs-Myers which combines the personality trial, calling trial and leading manners test into one ( TeamTechnology, 2012 ) . It benefits us by detecting our thought calling, developing our leading potency, bettering our relationships and intensifying our self-awareness ( TeamTechnology, 2012 ) .

Harmonizing to the study of the MBTI trial ( Appendices ) , I have the highest personality types in ESFJ and ISFJ. The chief different between the two highest marking is between extroversion and invagination. It means my hiting spread of these two factors is really little. In my option, both extroversion and invagination are adopted in my day-to-day life which depends on the different state of affairss. As I mention in the Honey & A ; Mumford 's LSQ, I prefer to believe something exhaustively before making it. It meets the description of the invagination that people concentrate on a few, deep issues and think things through before moving. If I have to analyse specific issue or point. I can pass a batch of clip to happen out the information through different beginnings by myself. I will be really satisfied that I can understand the job with my attempt. Sometimes, I am an extraversive individual. When I was a lookout in primary and secondary school, I would wish to pass on with new squad members. It gave a opportunity for me to cognize more about them. The study besides said that I seek to develop harmoniousness in the relationships and promote cooperation. It is rather right that I think a good relationship of a squad is really of import. Every squad member is valued for a squad. I believe that good teamwork can assist to accomplish the end efficaciously and expeditiously.

Significant & A ; Limitation of MBTI

Williamson & A ; Watson ( 2007 ) point out making MBTI trial can profit our self-understand and development. It is utile for calling guidance to let people to understand themselves and make up one's mind appropriate calling program ( Kennedy & A ; Kennedy, 2004 ) . On the other manus, many organisations use MBTI to measure their appliers that it is unethical and illegal for them to test out appliers ( Quenk, 2000 ) . It is merely reflect the penchant but non the ability, intelligent and opportunity for successful ( Kennedy & A ; Kennedy, 2004 ) .

Team Role

Meredith Belbin defines squad function as a inclination to act, contribute and interrelate with others in a peculiar manner in a squad ( Belbin Associate, 2012 ) . Belbin Team Roles has been used in many organisations over the word to place the squad function of different people within the organisation ( Belbin Associate, 2012 ) .

Belbin Team Roles

Belbin Team Roles trial is a diagnostic tool which used to measure single squad function penchant and find the squad roles balance in a squad ( Partington and Harris, 1999 ) . Nine squad functions are identified in the Belbin squad function trial, they are coordinator, maker, works, recourses research worker, squad worker, implementer, computing machine closer, proctor judge and specializer. Belbin Team Roles are used to place people 's behavioural strengths and failings so that it helps to construct productive working relationship and common trust and apprehension within a squad ( Belbin Associate, 2012 ) .

Harmonizing to my study of Belbin on-line trial, I have the most preference function in the completer closer with the highest mark from 80 - 90. I besides have penchant function in coordinator, proctor judge and completer closer which I score from 70 - 80 in each of them. It is rather accurate to state that I am a completer closer. When I studied in the sheepskin in concern disposal, I would be responsible for uniting different parts of the assignment and happening out the mistakes in most of the group assignment. And so I would do polish for the portion which can be better. I hope to guarantee the quality of the studies which can run into the criterion and demand of the assignments. However, I may be unduly to worry about the quality of the study which I may inquire my squad members to subject their plants to me every bit shortly as possible so that I can hold plenty for look intoing. Some squad members may revolt the haste agenda. As a squad worker and coordinator, I would wish to ask for every squad members to affect in treatment. I am willing to listen different sentiments from the squad members which help to make better thoughts for the assignments.

Restriction of Belbin squad function

Knowing one 's squad function can non understand one 's public presentation in the squad ( Jackson, 2002 ) . It means it can non foretell the squad success by placing an person 's squad functions. Furthermore, Belbin squad function has non been proven with high dependability and cogency so that the consequence of the trial may be dubious ( Lessem and Baruch, 2000 ) .

Self-awareness - overall synthesis

After finishing different trials in the above parts, I have more consciousness of my learning manner, personality and squad function penchant. It gives me an overall analysis to understand myself profoundly by placing my strengths and failing.


The VARK shows that I have I multi-learning penchant which means I can larn and retain new cognition in more than one theoretical account. It makes me more flexible to treat different cognition in different state of affairss. Harmonizing to the consequence of my learning manner penchant and personality, it shows that I am a careful individual. I prefer to listen to different people 's sentiments and observe their felling and behaviour. And so I will seek to roll up the utile information every bit much as possible to assist me to analysis a job. After analysing the job thoughtfully, it will give my sentiments. In conformity to my personality and squad function penchant, I would wish to advance a harmoniousness working environment. I would present cooperation and teamwork that I will experience at more easiness to bring forth better work in this environment.


There has failing in holding a multi-learning penchant. It is similar with the failing of my personality which my clip direction accomplishment is comparative hapless. I like to detect event from many different positions. I will blow a batch of clip to roll up information. As a multi-learning penchant leaner, I frequently need to utilize more than one theoretical account to guarantee the apprehension of the new cognition. Sometimes, it makes me annoyed by analysing the relationship between the thoughts. I normally waste tonss of clip in analysis subdivision without existent execution. It normally makes me to make the work in the last minute. Although, the occupation may be small spot busy, I can complete it on clip. My personality and squad function shows that I concern the relationship between others. It is hard for me to reject one 's thought whether I may non hold with the point. I scare that I will lose the relationship or make a struggle in the treatment. I may lose some opportunities which may do the work better.

Career Choice and Life-Long Learning

Career Choice

Hong Kong is one of the universe 's tenth largest trading economic systems ( HKTDC, 2012 ) . Harmonizing to the official research, Hong Kong was managing an increasing sum of offshore trades ( HKTDC, 2012 ) . At the terminal of the 2011, Hong Kong has 120,273 import and export companies which employee 495,847 staffs ( HKTDC, 2012 ) . The import and export industry besides accounts for 19.8 % of GDP in Hong Kong ( HKTDC, 2012 ) . I am rather interested in this industry so that I choose to choose merchant as my calling. Merchandiser is rather active place in the occupations market ( Jiujik, 2008 ) . The measure of merchant is normally deficient in the industry, particularly in the senior merchants who rich with experiences in procurance ( Jiujik, 2008 ) . Procurement includes many facets in different industries, such as banking, hotel and retailing which merchants have to buy different merchandises or services through different channel over the universe. Merchandiser pays an of import function to secure the needful merchandises, stuffs and services in a sensible monetary value with good quality. It helps to salvage cost of production or operation and construct up a repute if there is a good merchant in a company ( Jiujik, 2008 ) .

In my calling way, I decide to be a merchandiser aid to have related experiences in the first 2 twelvemonth and so to go a existent merchant. The demands and duties are similar in this two places but merchandiser require past experiences. As an entry degree, the demand is non really high. Harmonizing to the occupation adverts ( appendices ) which I have found, it require merchandiser to hold F7 or above instruction making. Applicants should hold good bid of English and Mandarin. They should be independent, hard-working and well-organization so that they can manage their undertaking by themselves. They should besides be willing to larn different things when they enter into this industry. Merchandiser need to follow up sample development and undertaking which aims to keep the quality of merchandises. Based on the research in JobDB ( 2012 ) , being a senior director normally requires minimal 8 twelvemonth experience in buying sector. I will province in the place or merchant to roll up adequate cognition and experience to catch the place of merchant. Finally, I hope I can go a sourcing director which I can able to take a buying squad. After holding more understanding about me by making different trials in subdivision A, I found that some of my personality and strengths can fit the demands of this calling. I will discourse in the undermentioned portion.

Career and myself


I will discourse the consequences of the three self-assessment trials with my calling pick in this portion. My strengths and failings which have found out from the trial will be used to analysis the lucifer and mismatch between myself and calling. I found I have multi-model learning penchant. It gives me an ability to larn things with different manners. It can increase my connotation to larn because I will non merely concentrate on a individual manner to have cognition. The mark is particularly high ocular and kinaesthetic sectors among the four manners. They are rather utile for me to see different artworks and figures in related to procurance and look into the samples of merchandises by following anterior presentation. The study of the LSQ besides said that I have strong penchant on reflectors. I prefer to understand and analyse an event exhaustively and so do a treatment carefully. Bing a merchant, particularly in senior place, single should analysis assorted facets of information which may be positive or negative and so doing a determination. The incorrect determination may act upon the company repute and concern gross so that the feature of reflector can extinguish the hazard of doing incautious determination.

For the personality, it is similar to the consequence if LSQ trial which I prefer to believe something exhaustively before making it. It means I am a careful people which I am truly to make impulse action. I will analyse the issues profoundly and so doing determination. The consequence besides said that I besides seek to develop harmoniousness in the relationship and promote cooperation. It is rather of import for merchant to hold a good relationship in workplace. It is because merchant has to work with different direction degrees and sections to understand their demands and make procurement study.

Based on the consequence of Belbin squad functions test, I have the highest grade in rival closer. The feature of this function is rather helpful for me to being a merchant. Merchandiser has to manage different paperss and programs related to procurance. As a rival closer normally seek to happen out the mistakes by look intoing the paperss carefully to guarantee it can run into the related demand. It can cut down the chance of doing errors.


There are some mismatch between my calling pick and myself. Although I have multi-model acquisition penchant, my aural sector is comparative low comparison with ocular and kinaesthetic sector which my communicating accomplishment is comparative weak. Merchandiser normally needs to hold dialogues with provider straight to discourse the footings of contacts or others. The weak public presentation on aural sector may act upon the dialogue if merchants can non reassign the messages clearly. Bing a reflector, I may besides pass excessively much clip on believing without doing concluding determination. It may act upon the undertaking to follow the planned agenda. It males haste agendas which I have to complete my occupation at the short period of clip. I may non be able to do speedy determination if I can be being a merchant in direction degree. As I have mentioned that personality and squad function trial point out that I promote cooperation and teamwork. I would wish to keep a good relationship with each others. There may be a job which I may allow my emotion to impact my determination devising. I may lose some opportunities which I can acquire better consequence because I may concern more about on relationship than that of results. It may non mismatch whit the demand if I need to concentrate on consequences earnestly in dialogue.

Movable accomplishment

Based on the occupation demand and duty in occupation adverts, I found there are some movable accomplishments which I may necessitate to be required to carry through the occupation responsibility. Movable accomplishment refers to the non-specific accomplishments which can be taken from occupation to occupation by an person ( Watson, 2003 ) . It is of import for single 's calling way development. It is found I have some movable accomplishment, such as job resolution accomplishment, teamwork accomplishment and basic concern cognition which may be good to my calling development.

Teamwork accomplishment is critical in the workplace which can do employees to accomplish greater occupation satisfaction, improved coaction, occupation ownership, increased pride and higher self-pride ( Parnell, 1996 ) . As a lookout in secondary school, it makes me understand the of import of teamwork. For illustration, the undertakings, such as fliping the collapsible shelters, cleaning the campus or doing the dinner will be assigned to different of teammates so that we can accomplish our end rapidly through teamwork.

Problem work outing accomplishment means that single can analyse a state of affairs, find the existent job, happen out any possible state of affairs, measure each of the solution and choose the best solution to work out the job ( Knippen & A ; Green, 1997 ) . The concern environment is altering dramatically which people may confront different job every twenty-four hours. Having job work outing accomplishment helps to utilize better method to work out the job. Bing a lookout, I besides need to command the different state of affairs when holding activities. I will confront different question from others which I have to react to them instantly. It has enhanced my job work outing accomplishment at that clip.

Basic concern accomplishment is besides required in the workplace. The employer has a high involvement in employees with concern accomplishment who can command the budget, make fiscal projection and place possible concern chance ( Watson, 2003 ) . As a concern pupil in sheepskin and high sheepskin of concern direction, I have learned many basic concern cognition and constructs. The enfranchisement of LCCI besides proved that I have the basic cognition to manage fiscal paperss.

To develop my calling way, I need to better more utile movable accomplishment to run into the demand for my future calling. It includes clip direction accomplishment, dialogue accomplishment and clip direction accomplishment.

Time is valuable in today 's concern environment. Employers hope their employees to make the most things with the least clip. Individual with good public presentation on clip direction is critical to accomplish improves quality of life, independency and success in employment ( Green, Hughes & A ; Ryan, 2011 ) . If I can heighten my clip direction accomplishment, I can complete my articulation following agenda.

Bazerman & A ; Neal said the dialogue is a soft accomplishment which is of import to managerial success ( 1992 ) . Peoples normally need to negotiation with others, such as provider, client or director achieve different end. Commercial dialogue accomplishment is the procedure which an understanding is constructed between purchaser and marketer by work outing differences of sentiments within them ( Farrington and Waters, 1994 ) . The commercial dialogue is besides a cardinal component for concern success ( Ashcroft, 2004 ) . It is utile in procurance sector to acquire better contract with provider through dialogue.

If I have the opportunity to go a leader in direction degree, I have to better my leading accomplishment. The function and procedure of leading are in acquiring way, making alliance and nurturing committedness in a group of people ( Johnson, 2000 ) .

Lifelong acquisition

As the publicity of globalisation, people have to considered more facets of direction when making concern ( Danos & A ; Richard, 1990 ) . Peoples have to fit more accomplishments to vie in today 's altering concern environment ( Robert & A ; Donald, 2001 ) . Lifelong acquisition is argued to be a critical characteristic for single to stay competitory in planetary environment ( Nicoll & A ; Fejes, 2011 ) . Minshell, Butterworth & A ; Henderson states lifelong larning which acquisition is non confined to childhood or the schoolroom, but takes topographic point throughout life and in a scope of state of affairs ( 2009 ) . Lifelong acquisition helps us to heighten our employability so that it is of import for our calling development ( Mckenzie & A ; Wurzburg, 1997 ) .

Language accomplishment is of import in the workplace which person has to pass on with people from different states. Putonghua and English are rather of import in today 's concern environment. My public presentation in talking Putonghua and English is non really good. I will fall in some short-run class of Putonghua and English to better my linguistic communication accomplishment. Harmonizing to the occupation advertisement of merchant in occupation market, they normally require appliers who can talk English and Putonghua. If I can talk these two linguistic communications swimmingly, I can reassign my messages to the people clearly.

I decide to increase my cognition in the supply concatenation direction by analyzing the Maestro of Science in operations and supply concatenation direction in City University of Hong Kong. I will roll up sufficient experiences and ability in this industry for several old ages so that I can hold adequate making to use the maestro grade. The class aims to enable pupils to use modern analytical and managerial accomplishments which used to ease job designation and analysis at all degrees of operational pattern and determination devising in supply concatenation direction. This advanced cognition will profit my calling development particularly in direction degree.

I besides would wish to fall in the dialogue accomplishments in workplace certification class which held by private institute. It can portion many existent experience and accomplishments to pupil by professor ( Timeway, 2013 ) . Different dialogue accomplishments besides will be shared in the workshop. I will analyze class after when I graduated so that I can negotiation with provider in a better manner. It can besides increase my ability to use the occupations.

To maintain the peace with the altering market environment, I will seek to acquire the newest industry information through different channel. For illustration, I can take attending on some profession web sites or HKTDC 's official web site to understand the industry cognition.

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