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Esl felt

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I felt very sad about this test because I spent a lot of time to prepare this test. After class, I asked my professor why did I get low grade. The professor told me check the essay again, and asked me to check our rules. Moreover. I still could not understand what does it mean, so I took my essay to the professor's office and asked her what is wrong with it. The professor told me we need to write academic essay, not the personal essay, but I still wrote the personal essay, It Is not my professors require Therefore, I fall this essay.

The professor also old me I have a lot of wrong grammar and spelling, and I have a big problem that is I did not have a thesis statement. I was confuse about this problem, and I still do not know how to write It. The professor explained to me what Is thesis and what Is academic essay about one and a half hour. I am very thankful my professor so much because I understand how to write it. At home, I spent a lot of time to review it. A few weeks later, we have another In class essay, and the require Is to write a knowledge that the professor told me last time, and I followed the rules and utilized he skills I have learned.

First, I did a brain storm to write down all my ideas and details. Then, I started to write my first draft. After I am done, I double checked on it and wrote my final essay. A few days later, I got my essay back, and saw my grade. It is a C. It means I pass it, even it is not a high grade. But, I still happy on it because I improve my writing skills. In conclusion, after I took this class, I learned I have to utilize the skills I have learned, and follow the rules and require to get a high grade.

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Esl felt essay

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