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My First Experience

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My First Experience Riding a Pedicab Alone I think we all have that kind of experience where we used to ride a vehicle with friends or family but because of dire emergencies, we are forced to go by ourselves. My experience with this kind of event was a bit nerve-wrecking yet I also had the feeling of great success. This happened on my early freshmen year in High School. I did not really prefer riding “pedicabs” alone especially at night yet I was forced to. However, this experience taught me that trying something in another way might be risky yet it shows surprising and rewarding results.

It was already late in the afternoon and was getting darker when I waited for my dad to pick me up from school. I called him and he answered. However, he said “I’m sorry son but I can’t pick you up. You’ll have to ride a public transport to go home. You either ride a pedicab or an ‘easy-ride’. ” I asked him why and he replied, “The car broke had a problem so I left it in the repair shop. ” Tired and depressed, I went out of the school and walked to the nearest waiting area alone because most of my friends and classmates had already gone home.

I knew it would take me quite some time to wait for a passing pedicab. I had no experience signaling the driver properly because I usually let my companions do it. Thankfully, I have no problems talking to strangers or random people, so explaining my destination to the driver wasn’t a big deal. Then there was another problem that popped into my head. I was short on money and I had no idea how much the fair cost. That night did not go so well for me. Not long after I started waiting, I finally got a ride.

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My First Experience

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It was the first time that I had nobody else to talk to except for the driver. The driver looked familiar but I could not put my finger on it. Being curious, I started a conversation with the driver. It just started as small chit-chats before I asked, “You looked familiar. Do I know you from somewhere? ” He grinned and said, “Silly boy, I’m your neighbor from across the road. ” That shocked me for a bit. He continued, “The reason you may not know me or see me is because I get up so early. ” Embarrassed, I just nodded my head and smiled.

As we arrive to our neighborhood, I was about to ask him for the price of the fair. He declined saying, “Since we are neighbors, and I had a great time conversing with you, you don’t have to pay me but only for now. ” I was thankful upon hearing this as I waved good-bye for the night, hoping we cross paths again. That night, I had to take the risk of using a public transport which is rather unsafe considering it was night and I had no companion but with my determination, I was able to get home with a surprising reward.

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