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Man has been writing for centuries. Numerous books have been written on varied subjects by different authors. These books are a powerhouse of knowledge. They acquaint us with the past, warn us of the future and help us live the present moment to the fullest. Every person has a different taste in reading. While some like fiction others prefer reading non-fiction. People who read regularly often develop an interest in particular type of writing or the works of specific authors. An avid reader is most likely to have a list of favourite authors.

Long and Short Essay on My Favourite Author in English

Here are long and short essay on My Favourite Author to help you with the topic in your exam. We have provided various My Favourite Author essay under different words limit to fulfil your need on this topic.

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You can take help from these essays, we are sure that following essays will be really helpful for you because we have covered different famous authors in our number of essays. You can go through it and choose the needed one:

Short Essay on My Favourite Author (200 words) – Essay 1

‘My Favourite Author – Rhonda Byrne’

My favourite author by far is Rhonda Byrne. I have read several fiction and non-fiction books. However, none has had such a deep impact on me as the books written by Rhonda. Her books have brought a positive change in my life.

Her book, The Secret brought about a revolution. It revealed how we can achieve anything in the world merely by believing that we can. The book is a best seller. It has been translated to 50 languages and distributed worldwide. It remained on the New York Times bestselling books list for 190 weeks.

Rhonda did a lot of research before writing this novel. People around the world agree to the secret power she talked about in her book and are using it to transform their lives for the better. The other books written by her have also been well received. Each of her books has a strong message.

While The Secret is my favourite book, I also loved reading The Magic. I have inculcated many good practices from these books. These have helped me become a better person and have changed my life for good. These books are full of positivity and are a must read for everyone. The other two books of the series, The Power and Hero are also quite inspiring.


Rhonda is one of the most celebrated authors. She is known to have changed the lives of millions of readers. She is a genius and I am in love with her writings.

Essay on My Favourite Author (300 words) – Essay 2

‘My Favourite Author – R. K. Narayan’


My favourite author is R.K. Narayan. He was one of the first and most popular Indian novelists who wrote in the English language. His way of narrating the story was impeccable. The stories written by him are simple yet engaging.

  1. K. Narayan: Life and Work

R.K. Narayan was born in a Hindu Brahmin family in Madras in the year 1906. He loved reading from an early age. He was particularly interested in English literature. He went to Lutheran Missionary School where he faced discrimination from Christian students. This impacted him deeply as a child. However, he continued to study with dedication.

He initially chose the profession of a teacher. However, he soon left it to pursue a career in writing. He has written several brilliant stories.

A T.V. series by the name Malgudi Days was produced based on R.K. Narayan’s stories. It received a lot of appreciation from the audience.

R.K. Narayan: My All – Time Favourite Author

R.K. Narayan’s stories were mostly set in a fictional town named, Malgudi. All his stories and novels talk about routine events. The characters are mostly ordinary village people. His stories were not only well received in India but appreciated worldwide.

I especially loved reading his novel, ‘Swami and Friends’. I loved all the characters and the turn of events in this novel. The Dark Room, The Vendor of Sweets, Malgudi Days, The English Teacher, Mr. Sampath, A Horse, and Two Goats, The World of Nagaraj, Grandmother’s Tale, Under the Banyan Tree and other stories and Waiting for the Mahatma are some of the other works by Narayan that I enjoyed reading. They are all rooted in our culture and reflect the true essence of India.


R.K. Narayan’s stories are refreshing. He has won several awards for his writings. He received the Sahitya Akademi Award in the year 1958, the Padma Bhushan Award in 1964 and the Padma Vibhushan in 2000. Being one of the first Indian writers who wrote in English, Narayan acquainted the rest of the world with the simplicity of the Indian culture.

Essay on My Favourite Author (400 words) – Essay 3

‘My Favourite Author – Rabindranath Tagore’


My favourite author is Rabindranath Tagore. I developed an interest in reading because of this learned author. As a young child, my mother often narrated stories of Rabindranath Tagore at bedtime. I was fascinated by his stories. Each of his stories has a hidden lesson that helped me look at things from a different perspective. They inspired me to become a better person.

My Favourite Books Authored by Rabindra Nath Tagore

As I grew up, I started reading his stories. I get his books issued from my school library every fortnight. I read them during my free time. I have read several of his short stories, novels, and plays.

Gitanjali, The Home and the World, The Housewife, The River Stairs, Sacrifice, The Royal Sage, The Rift, The Renunciation, The Young Queen’s Market, The Skelton, King and Queen, Nature’s Revenge, The Play of Illusions, The Royal Sage, The Divide, Return of Little Master, My Lord, the Baby, The Postmaster, The Tale of fantasy, An Absurd Story, The Trust Property, The Ghat’s Story, Debts and Dues, Dalia and The Victory written by Rabindranath Tagore are some of my favourites.

I have also read many of his poems. His poetry is mesmerizing and inspiring. There are many more of his books that I still have to read and I look forward to it.

Rabindranath Tagore’s Contribution to the Society

Not just as an author, I also love and respect Rabindranath Tagore as a person. The Bengali writer loved his country, India and worked for its betterment. He raised voice against the British and played an important role in India’s freedom struggle. He tried to bring about a revolution by way of his writing.

Though he belonged to a rich family, he was grounded and had a soft corner for the poor class. He was a very kind and gentle human being. He worked for the upliftment of the poor. He inspired people to seek education as it was essential for leading a better life. He may have led a luxurious life but he decided to serve his country and his countrymen. He went through many hardships to further this aim.


Rabindranath Tagore was not just an author but also a musician, painter, religious reformer, educationist and cultural leader. He was a true patriot. He had great regard for his country and love for his countrymen. Though he had a rather disturbing personal life, it did not dither his spirit to write inspirational books and work for those around him.

His work was appreciated worldwide. Many notable authors and poets including the renowned poet W.B Yeats appreciated his work. He also won Noble Prize for his book, Gitanjali.

Essay on My Favourite Author (500 words) – Essay 4

‘My Favourite Author – Enid Blyton’


The novels written by Enid Blyton are my all time favourite. Her stories keep me hooked for hours. They take me to a whole new world and I don’t want to come out of it. She has written extensively and I have read several of her books.

Enid Blyton – Life and Work

Enid Blyton was born in East Dulwich, London in the year 1897. She is one of the most popular English novelist and poet. She wrote for more than four decades and has written numerous interesting story books and novels. At times, she wrote more than fifty books a year. Her speed of writing was surprising and it was often said that she had ghost-writers who helped her with the work. However, Blyton denied these charges.

She has written on many genres including fantasy, adventure, mystery, and education. Her books are among the best selling books around the world. They continue to draw as much interest today as they did back in the 1930s and 40s. The popularity of her books can be judged by the fact that these have been translated into as many as 90 languages and circulated worldwide.

However, things at work front were not always rosy for Blyton. Her work received a lot of criticism too. It was termed as racist, sexist and elitist. However, she continued to spin stories despite the criticism and their popularity only kept growing. Many movies, plays and television shows have been based on her writings.

My Favourite Books Authored by Enid Blyton

I have read several books authored by Enid Blyton. While I loved reading all of them, my favourites among them are The Famous Five series, Secret Seven series, The Enchanted Wood and Adventures of the Wishing Chair Series.

I particularly love the Famous Five series. The series narrates the adventures of Anne, Julian, Georgina, Dick and their dog, Timmy. These young kids go to different adventurous places and explore crime scenes to solve complicated mysteries.

The stories are usually set in the backdrop of countryside where these kids go for camping and other adventure activities during their holidays. They find out about strange things happening in their surroundings and take on the mission to solve the mystery. The Famous Five series has 21 books and the story of each of these is intriguing and gripping.

I have read 15 of these. I cannot take my eyes of these books until I finish reading them. I have finished most of these novels in less than 3 days. My favourite books from the series are Five Go Adventuring Again and Five on a Treasure Island. This series became so popular that a TV series was made based on them.

Other Enid Blyton books that I enjoyed reading include Mr. Galliano’s Circus, Circus Days Again, The Happy House Children, The Children of Willow Farm, Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm, Six Cousins Again, The Buttercup Farm Family, The Queen Elizabeth Family, The Seaside Family, and Naughty Amelia Jane.


Reading the books authored by Enid Blyton is my favourite hobby. I grab one of her books whenever I have spare time. This is a great way to rejuvenate for me. I am a big fan of this English author.

Long Essay on My Favourite Author (600 words) – Essay 5

‘My Favourite Author – J.K. Rowling’


I have read books by many authors but none of the works is as fascinating and interesting as that written by J.K. Rowling. Born as Joanne Rowling, this British author wrote under the pen name, J.K. Rowling. Many of her works were also published under the pen name Robert Galbraith. She has written many novels but my favourite is the Harry Potter Series. This series is loved worldwide and earned her immense fame.

The Harry Potter Series

I simply love Rowling’s Harry Potter series. She has done complete justice to the fantasy genre. The entire series revolves around the life of a young boy, Harry Potter who goes through different difficult situations and deals with them bravely. He uses his sharp brain and magical powers to overcome various problems. The series also includes several other interesting characters.

In the first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and his friends get admission to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Potter meets Lord Voldemort, who killed his parents. He comes back to kill Potter however fails in his mission. Potter manages to escape each time Voldemort sets a trap.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the second book in the series gives an insight into Potter’s second year at Hogwarts School. The story gets interesting as the school walls get inscribed with warning messages and pupils are attacked. Potter and his friends Hermoine and Ron try to solve the mystery.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the third book introduces an interesting character, Sirius Black. He is an escaped prisoner. Potter and his friends try to find out who this person is and what he wants.

In the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Potter participates in the Triwizard Tournament hosted by Hogwarts School. The Triwizard Tournament, as well as the events that follow, are quite interesting.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth book in the series, shows Ron as the keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. It is the longest book in the series and is loaded with several twists and turns. In the sixth book in the series, Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince, Potter gets ready for his final battle against Voldemort.

The final battle between Potter and Lord Voldemort is shown in the seventh book in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The book also unravels many past secrets.

Joanne Rowling – Life and Work

Joanne Rowling was born in Yate, Gloucestershire. She faced a lot of hardships as a young woman. She went through a divorce and had to nurture and support her child on her own. She faced a financial crunch and was almost in rags. However, she kept working hard. She wrote the draft of the first book in the Harry potter series but could not get it published for long. She faced rejection from several publishers.

Though disappointed, Joanne did not give up and finally, her hard work paid off. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Joanne’s first novel in the Harry Potter series was published in 1997 and it received an overwhelming response. Her life was back on track. She could now afford a good lifestyle and provide an excellent education to her child.

This inspired her to write its sequel which was well received too. The success of the sequel motivated her to write more and she came up with six sequels of the Harry Potter series. The last one was published in 2007. These were all written under her pseudonym, J. K. Rowling. She has also written other books. These were written under the pen name, Robert Galbraith.


Rowling’s writings are intriguing and her life journey is inspiring. I simply love her writing and adore her for the person she is. I am particularly a fan of her undying determination and never say die spirit.

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