My Favorite Holiday: Independence Day

Last Updated: 10 Jan 2022
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Independence Day is a holiday that is celebrated by millions of Americans each year to celebrate our freedoms, and show pride in our country. The Fourth of July is a holiday that in my family is day where we all come together; therefore, we have many traditions that I can remember since I was a little girl. Even though the traditions are the same each year, there is always something new that makes that particular year special. Each year we attend a small race that is put on in the downtown area of my hometown while my Dad and Uncle take part in a much larger race put on in downtown Atlanta. While Christmas is a very popular holiday, I like the Fourth of July because of all the simple traditions, and it is a way for everyone to come together during the busy summer months. The memories of waking up early in the morning, the smoky smell of the grill, and watching the beautiful fireworks in the sky is what makes this holiday my favorite.

The day starts out early in the morning, and the thought of having to leave my big, comfortable, warm bed, while it is still pitch-black outside is difficult while the delicious, warm cup of coffee awaiting my hands is my motivation for getting up. Nevertheless, when we arrive at the race, and look around at the huge, patriotic crowd is exactly when the holiday spirit kicks in. The hot, busy, race is full of runners, and spectators as the scent of Starbucks coffee fills the humid air. Next, everyone gathers at the starting line while anticipation grows for the start of the race. Now, the race has started, and the loud, excited crowd is passionately cheering for the exhausted runners. Finally, the crowd heads towards the finish line as all the hot, sweaty, smelly runners are finishing. Now it is time for all our family to come over to our house for a delicious barbeque lunch.

Following the race, it is time for my favorite part of the day which is a cookout of some delicious barbeque. While the grill gets started, and the flames are burning down everyone gathers in the living room to watch the big race. Whenever we are watching the race, everyone is looking to see who they know gets on television, but that never happens. After the grill has cooled down, everyone gathers outside on the deck in anticipation of the big, juicy, buffet of tasty hamburgers, hotdogs, and steaks have been prepared. The aroma of the mouthwatering, rare, meat makes me want to dive in, and devour it like a tiger. After lunch, everyone is stuffed like after eating Thanksgiving dinner. Now the sky is pitch black, but we head towards Atlantic Station to watch the fireworks.

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Finally, as it starts to get dark outside, everyone makes their way to Atlantic Station where the grand, magnificent, glistening firework show will begin. The streets are full of young children waving bright sparklers around, the crowd is full of excitement, until the show begins, and the crowd becomes so silent that a fallen pin can be heard on the ground. After what feels like an eternity, the firework show begins, and all the people are fascinated with the beautiful, colorful, loud booms that are shining in the dark sky.

Independence Day is a holiday full of many great traditions, and quality time that is spent with family. From the early morning race, the delicious barbeque in the afternoon, and finishing the day with watching the glistening fireworks. Although I do not like getting up early in the morning, watching the race each year is what makes this day very special. The taste of the juicy steak and having a great lunch with my family are where a lot of the memories that I will talk about forever is something that will never be forgotten. Finally, going down to Atlantic Station to watch the incredible fireworks is the perfect ending to a great day. These are some of the traditions I plan to have with my own family in the future because everyone deserves a great Independence Day.

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