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Favorite Holiday Halloween

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Halloween is an annual holiday that occurs every October Thirty first. Halloween is one of the oldest holidays that dates back to over two thousand years ago. The first believed people to celebrate Halloween were the Celts. The Celts would light bonfires and wear costumes. Many people today however, celebrate this holiday by dressing up in costumes, handing out candy, carving pumpkins, or decorate their houses with lights and cobwebs. We do this today because Halloween came to The United States in the 1840’s when the Irish migrated to the United States of America. If they hadn’t shared their tradition we wouldn’t have Halloween at all.

When going Trick-or-treating people wear costumes. Originally the Celts would wear costumes to ward of ghosts and evil spirits by pretending to be one of them so they wouldn’t get bothered or haunted. People today go Trick-or-treating with costumes on not to scare off ghosts but to get candy. There are different costumes available with modern technology such as costumes that inflate, make noise, light up, or are from movies and tv shows.

If the Celts knew we did this today they would think we would be crazy. The idea of Trick-or-treating came from when people would ask people for candy in trade for not getting their house steeped with tomatoes from their garden and eggs or getting their doors and windows covered in chalk. Now a days people don’t give out candy as a peace offering but to be nice and for the fun of it.

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One of the most favorite parts of Halloween is carving pumpkins. Carving pumpkins is a tradition we inherited from the Celts who passed it on from generation to generation. The Celts would use pumpkins and other fruits to hollow and carve to scare away ghosts and spirits. The Celts did this because they thought the pumpkin when they put a candle in it that made it glow looked really scary.

Over 178 million people celebrate halloween which included decorating. People decorate with carved pumpkins that have silly faces , scary faces, or even no faces at all. The main colors of Halloween are orange and black. A Lot of people think that purple is a Halloween color too though. People cover their houses in lights of these colors. People today can buy animated versions of witches, vampires, ghosts, frankensteins, and bats that can talk, sing , or dance that are fun to buy and set up for entertainment.

Halloween is a good time to bring people together to talk, walk, get free candy, and be yourself. Without the Celts we wouldn’t have this tradition and fun night. We also have the Irish to thank too though.

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