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My Dog Skip

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English 101 09/17/2012 Gonzalo Garcia My dog skip When my english professor said to me that we was going to see “My dog Skip”, sincerely, I thought the film would be very boring. “the typical family film” I said. The only fact that glad me was that we went going to miss class. The praises that the professor said about the movie was useless, I thought that the movie would be boring. So, I started to see the movie. Soon I realized that the movie is not the comedy film, it is different.

Little by little it begins to engage you until you cannot stop seeing the film. This movie does not look for too funny with a simple story line, easily jokes, and characters without evolution. My dog skip go far away showing a very good story line, an excellent soundtrack, and a excellent characters The story is set in 1942, town of Yazoo City, Mississippi during World War II. The story explores a family of three, Jack, Ellen, and Willie Morris. Willie is a shy boy. Ellen decides to go against father's orders and purchase Willie a faithful companion of his own for his birthday: a puppy.

Although Jack firmly opposes this gift, his wife convinces him Willie is old enough to take care of a dog. Willie names his new friend Skip. The dog will become very well-known and popular among locals, and assist children to have higher self-confidence causing Willie make their first friends. The story line although it may seem simple in its approach is very deep and emotive. The story is about things like the value of friendship. For example, can be seen as the beginning of a child movie Willie is sad, lonely and left mauling by his classmates.

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But this situation is changing when he gives his dog skip and start having friends becoming someone much happier and self-confident. Another subject on which the film is about is the difficulty of integration that can have a young child due to continuing taunts that he receives from their peers. Causing great uncertainty in himself that prevents that he tries to relate to other children. At the beginning of the movie can be seen as Willie always is alone and with his head down due to its insecurity. This not only causes sadness in himself, also in their parents who feel the sadness of your child as much as the.

Also another issue that the movie is about is that of a young man who gets involved in the war. In the film can be seen as both man that going to war and their loved ones and friends suffer by the uncertainty of whether he will return. This can be seen especially in the scene in which the bus returning from the army but they do not see the guy that they are expecting what causes them great sorrow. The best part of the movie is the final. When Willie is already elder and tells us the story of skip, is as Skip was our dog. It is very emotive. Is very difficult do not get excited with it.

It is one of the best finals that I have never seen. Overall "My Dog Skip" has an excellent soundtrack. Always perfectly accompanies the action. Generally is very quiet and leisurely helping to get involved more and more in the story line. This soundtrack gives as result some moments very emotional. For example when some men hit skip with a shovel and let him unconscious. Is likely to cry with this part. Other moment that stands out is when his mother gives Skip to Willie for first time and his father takes it away. In this part you feel sadness after they had seen the face of joy Willie and his later disappointment.

Also must be emphasized the end of the movie already discussed above. In all these moments the soundtrack accompany action perfectly making us feel part of the movie. Finally, also must be emphasized that he characters also are very good. In general all characters are good, but in my opinion there are three characters that highlight over the rest: Jack is the heartbroken father who lost his leg in war years ago. Ellen is the simple minded housewife doing more manual labors than women usually complete. Willie, the protagonist with skip, is their lonely son-maybe ten years of age.

He has no local friends, is poor at sports and teased at school. His best acquaintance is in his mid-twenties, a mechanic named Dink (Luke Wilson), who is called for battle not too long into the picture, leaving Willie all alone. Willie is the best character. He achieves get excited with his starring. For example, when he sees how one man hit Skip with one shovel. This scene is so hard that is almost impossible do not cry. Willie transmits his feelings very good, when he issad we are sad and when he is happy we are happy. This is the magic of this film. Moreover, we cannot forget Skip. He is only a dog, but I do not how I love him.

May be, because I also had a dog, when I was younger and I fell identified with Willie and Skip. In conclusion, My dog Skyp is a very good film. Although at the beginning it seem a typical comedy film soon it engages you thanks to beautiful story, the good characters, and the emotive soundtrack. Every thing in the movie works good, there are not something that lower the lever. May be the only negative thing is that history is predictable. You know that something bad will happen to skip and that the finale will be sad. But the movie will remain in your memory during a lot of time, specially his fantastic finale.

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