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Motivating workers

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Motivating workers is an integral policy of great companies. It has significant effect on the level of output of workers. It affects their disposition to work. Also, it increases company productivity. This can be done through an effective reward system designed in line with the vision and mission statement of the organization.

Information needed include

DEFINITION OF PURPOSE: It is important to start with a well-defined purpose. This is consistent with the Mission statement of the Company in writing and principle; it is communicated to employees and is also broken into smaller units called Goals.

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Motivating workers

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COMPANY INTERACTIONS/COMMUNICATION: this involves a medium through which the system is communicated to participants in clear and understandable terms. Suggestions and ideas are acknowledged on the plan

IMPLEMENTATION STRUCTURE: This is the most important of all. If purpose is then and goals are made with effective communication and there is no credible and fair structure to implement the plans, then the result can be easily guessed: there would be no result at all.

REWARDS: It is necessary to state method of rewards. It should be both significant and tangible. Announcement is not enough reward. Such tools that can be employed include by compensation, awards or increase in base line salary. The latter is widely appraised, and is best effective when the incentive is about 25% of the baseline pay. Such should also be done with a short period of time.

REVIEW It is important to review the activities of program, it impact on the organization and its vivid dividends at regular intervals. This would sustain and strength awareness of and confidence in the program.

WORKERS: Their current Level of productivity is considered. There is evaluation of the Effect of reward on their predisposition on them.




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