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Motivated You To Study Social Work Education Essay

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My motive to analyze societal work comes from my passion about assisting people who are less advantaged. Having spent the last five old ages working in a societal attention environment helped me to gain that my passion lies in assisting the most vulnerable members of our society. I found working as a Care Assistant highly disputing but besides rewarding.A Attending a multi-disciplinary attention reappraisals gave me a great insightA A into a societal worker function. I found out that societal work can assist service users maintain their self-respect and independency, give wider picks of support, protect from maltreatment every bit good as cut down admittances to infirmary. I hope that analyzing societal work will give me a valuable accomplishments and cognition needed for effectual professional pattern as a societal worker.

What type of scholar are you?

Last twelvemonth on the Access class through the exercising on the category I have identified my learning manner  . A Knowing and understanding my acquisition manner helped me to learn more efficaciously and place chances to better my acquisition.

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Harmonizing to Honey and Mumford ( 1982 ) Learning Style Model I perform strongly as a Reflector. A As a Reflector I learn by detecting and believing about what happened. I like to stand back and detect experiences from many different positions. I like to roll up information ( the more that better ) , and prefer to believe about it exhaustively before coming to any decisions. I prefer to take a back place in meetings and treatments. I ever listen to others before doing my ain point. I learn less good when being thrown in at the deep terminal with no clip to fix and when moving as leader or role-playing in forepart of others. Having identified my learning manner, I now understand that as a reflector I am a 'slow ' scholar and necessitate more clip to analyze, that is why it is of import to be after my survey efficaciously. I besides need to seek to acquire involved more in meeting and treatments alternatively of sitting back and listen.

My preferable manner of acquisition was besides determined by finishing the Learning Styles Questionnaire on C_Space [ Appendix 2 ] . Harmonizing to the questionnaire I learn best by ocular manner. Information presented in images, diagrams or charts is easy remembered.A I like to watch the lector closely and be able to see the instructor organic structure linguistic communication to to the full understand the content of a lesson. I besides like to utilize colorss in my surveies such as colored markers to foreground information. A As a ocular scholar it is of import to do certain that I sit ever in a place in the schoolroom where I can see things clearly.

How do others comprehend your values and abilities?

Recently I asked my best friend how they perceive my values and abilities. The feedback I have been given was as follow:

You are reasonable, cautious, careful & A ; practical. I see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a individual who makes friends excessively rapidly or easy, but person who 's highly loyal to friends you do do and who expects the same trueness in return. Those who truly acquire to cognize you recognize it takes a batch to agitate your trust in your friends, but every bit that it takes you a long clip to acquire over if that trust is of all time broken.

My fellow pupils see me as confident, unfastened minded and positive individual. So far, the feedback signifier my coaches was ever positive, nevertheless I am prepared to can take negative feedback. Receiving feedback is great chance to derive utile information and penetration into what we need to develop or better in order to turn professionally.

How have you improved your accomplishments for survey ( including IT ) ?

Having developed a figure of schemes and techniques on last twelvemonth class enabled me to do the most efficient usage of my clip, resources, and possible. I approach my surveies strategically and consistently by working out where to put my clip and energies.

Choosing the right topographic point to analyze is of import as I work most efficaciously in a well - organised survey country. I like to work in a comfy and free from distractions place with a good lighting and a room to distribute my book and documents.

Time direction is `` a vehicle that can transport you from wherever you are to wherever you want to be '' ( Tracy 2007:2 )

Time direction in the key accomplishment to manage my coursework and to acquire it done on clip. Good clip direction accomplishments enable me to use my clip in a more effectual manner and let me to carry through more undertakings in a shortest possible manner. A survey clip tabular array is an indispensable ingredient in effectual clip direction. I have created a hebdomadal clip table. A to assist me organize my day-today undertakings, which keeps me positive and focused on my perusal, and helps me accomplish my marks. I have besides learned to prioritize my work by making the little and easy undertakings foremost and taking them out of the manner, before seeking to undertake larger pieces of work. I have created `` things to make '' name  . I use it to put day-to-day precedences and to cut down determination devising and concern.

The ability to do clear and concise notes is another of import accomplishment that I have developed through my survey. Taking notes helps me to derive a deeper apprehension of the topic and gaining control the indispensable points of the subject. It besides helps to do sense of what is to be learned and to retrieve it subsequently. Having identified my preferable learning manner I know now that I work good with patterned notes, such as atomic, spider gms, diagrammatic and head maps. This method was described by Buzan ( 1992 ) in his book `` Use your caput '' . He calls the technique `` Mind Mapping '' . Mind maps allow for greater activity when entering thoughts and information, every bit good as leting the note-taker to tie in words with ocular representations ( Buzan, 1992 ) . Patterned notes involve composing the chief subject in the Centre of the page, and so compose related thoughts around it and associate them up to demo their relationship to the chief thought. Pattern notes are more ocular, and are really active signifier of acquisition. For illustration of my note taking please see  . I have besides learned how to read efficaciously by being selective, scanning, planning and oppugning as I read.

Computer helps me to analyze in many different ways. It helps me to research online for information, make structured notes, making charts, graphs and tabular arraies and to organize and maintain path of my surveies. Although I have used computing machine in the yesteryear there was countries that I still had to better. Last twelvemonth on the entre class I have learned how to work with dispersed sheets, databases, and make a power point presentation, which helped me to better my IT skills.

What factors affect your acquisition?

Having many duties as an grownup scholar I must equilibrate against the demands of learning. Personally, the factor impacting my acquisition is English as a 2nd linguistic communication I do happen it difficult at the times to show myself in the manner that I wish to. It besides lower my assurance and self - regard. Bing capable to gags about my amusing speech pattern in the yesteryear made me experience nervous when talking in forepart of others. However, my assurance in that country improved dramatically since get downing the class.

Distractions while analyzing could be another country that affects my acquisition. I need a quiet and organized topographic point to analyze without any break. I have learned to understate distractions while I work by promoting others to esteem my rights to work without break. I keep my phone off when I am analyzing to avoid phone calls that could upset my acquisition.

Self - regard and deficiency of confidence.  Before I took an Access Course my ego - regard every bit good as assurance were really low. I did non believe in my abilities and felt really dying about traveling back to instruction after a long interruption. Having a positive feedback from the coaches every bit good as fellow pupils helped me to construct up my self- regard and go a confident pupil.

How do you go an effectual job convergent thinker in your life?

Problem resolution is one of the cardinal accomplishments in societal work pattern. Social workers use a job - work outing attack in working with persons, households, groups and communities. As a societal work pupil, it is really of import to me to go an effectual job convergent thinker.

In my personal life I have learned facing instead than avoiding jobs. I tend to work out my jobs utilizing a simple technique. The first phase is to specify the job. To understand why the job exist and looking at the root cause of the job. Second I explore the job by looking at how does the job impact me or others? The following measure is looking for possible solutions and choosing a realistic solution that is most relevant to me. Finally I put my solution into action. It is nevertheless of import to measure the effectivity of my solution.

How do you go more effectual, independent and confident self- directed learner?

Autonomous acquisition is `` a procedure in which persons take the enterprise, with or without the aid of others, in naming their acquisition demands, explicating learning ends, placing human and material resources for acquisition, taking and implementing appropriate acquisition schemes, and measuring learning results '' ( Knowles, 1975:14 ) .

Harmonizing to Malcolm Knowles ( 1984 ) grownups learn otherwise than immature people. In his theory of grownup learning Knowles pointed that grownups are self- directed in their learning. `` As a individual matures his self-concept moves from one of being a dependent personality toward one of being a autonomous homo being '' A ( Knowles, 1984:12 ) .

As an grownup pupil I take duty for my acquisition procedures, such as goal-setting, instructional design and rating of my learning procedure. Bing organised helps me to pull off my surveies efficaciously.

In order to go more independent scholar I need to be motivated to learn, able to pull off my clip efficaciously, and reflect upon my acquisition. Effectiveness of learning depend on `` holding your province of head, infinite, clip, and stuffs organised in the ways that best suit your acquisition '' ( Cottrell, 2008:67 ) .

How did you work hand in glove with others?

I am a portion of a Care squad working in a attention place for people with dementedness. Bing a portion of the squad I have learned how to work co- operatively with my work co-workers. As a squad member I have learn contribute to accomplishing the end of run intoing the demands of clients.

Apart from work I besides work co - operatively with others in group work undertakings on categories. We were put to groups to finish specific undertaking. I worked hand in glove by sharing my thoughts, being and active hearer, esteem other people positions, work together with the members of group to finish the undertaking successfully. Working in groups gave me a great chance to derive assurance and develop interpersonal accomplishments, such as active hearing and inquiring and communicating accomplishments.

How do you associate your learning to the modern-day context of societal work pattern?

Working in a Social Care as a Career my function involves supplying practical support, and enabling service users to keep their independency to take Fuller and unafraid life. I besides build partnerships with people I work with, seeking to win them trust and promoting them to get by and acquire most out of life. I relate my acquisition to the modern-day context of societal work by implementing my current accomplishments and cognition to my work scenes. Skills such as interpersonal accomplishments help me to understand the importance of actively listening and sympathizing with service users in order to come in the universe from their point of view. I am besides more cognizant about the group kinetics in my work topographic point and importance of effectual squad working in order to accomplish the desire outcomes. Since making the grade I besides developed an anti - discriminatory pattern. I started to associate the theories to pattern to understand the causes of favoritism and ways to dispute it efficaciously.

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