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Mother of the Quran

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Surah fateha is the first chapter of the quran. Its described as "Mother of the Quran". It has a great importance for muslims. We cay say it Opening of the quran. This is the surah which we recite daily in Salaah. We start our namaz from this surah. It has just 7 ayats but its most important. It has a great significance in our lives.

It's the one of the few surahs which we memorize in our childhood.Theme of Surah fateha Allah delivers a great message for all muslims and man kind also that only Allah (S.W.T). No one deserves much love than Allah because he loves us, he is merciful, he made everything for us to be alive, enjoy, eat and think.

He can forgive us if we do tooba from sincere heart. No one can forgive u that much as he. Surah initiates that love allah, follow allah, come closer to him to get reward. If we stay away from him then we can receive anger from him as its mentioned in last ayat. We can't even imagine how much he loves us. Allah describe himself in three verses.

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"All praise is due to Allah, Lord of all that exists. The Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. Owner of the Day of Judgement."Surah fateha has so many virtues 2. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said Surah al-Fatiha is"The Mother of the Quran, the Mother of the Book, the Seven Oft-Repeated Verses and the Great recitation." (Tirmidhi)

Prophet himself said it's a great recitation. Which shows that its considered as most influential chapter of quran.Assignment part b:Tafseer of verses of Surah fatihaFirst ayat:"In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.We start surah fatiha with the name of allah. Only with the name we start our every work.

We usually do our daily work with this ayat and its so important for every muslim. Allah is the one who gives benefits to us. We ask him and he listens us. If we recite this ayat Allah (S.W.T) protects us from shaitaan. We can't imagine how many times he can forgive us. If we apologize to him with sincere heart then he never disappoints us.

Second ayat:"Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds"No one deserves as much praise as he. He is praiseworthy. If we do mistakes he helps us out. He provides us shelter, Food, Happiness, success and at last death also. The one who made such clouds, mountains, rivers, oceans, Beauty of pakistan's northern areas really deserves infinite praise.

Third ayat:"The Beneficent, the Merciful"Al-rehmaan and raheem, Allah indeed a rehmaan. He is powerful. He has control on everything in earth. Nothing can't be happened without his consult. He can punish sinners like nation of Shoaib(a.s). On the other side, He can forgive everyone.

Forth ayat:"Master of the Day of Judgment"When Allah tells about his mercy, then at the same he warns sinners about day of judgment. Those who did sins all in their life would be punished. Its better to do what Allah as lord of this world wants from us. We must not do that acts which can effect humanity, humans etc.

We should keep in mind that the wrong acts we are doing can be dangerous for us. He has right to punish us.Fifth ayat:"We worship You alone, and beg You alone for help."Allah is the only one whom we workship. He is the only one who created this universe. He is the one who can turn tables around.

We can only ask help for him and he will help us out Inshallah. We don't workship anyone except him. If we go for any mission, we should recite this ayat.Sixth ayat:"Guide us in the straight path" We always ask him to give us right path because we are sinking into river of sins. If we go to wrong path then no one can show us right path except him. We should always ask him to show us right path no matters how much we do good deeds.

Seventh ayat:"The path of those whom You have favored. Not of those who have earned Your anger and nor of those who have gone astray"We say ya rab show us path of those who were closer to u, who got blessing of u, not path of those who refused to accept your orders, got anger of u rather than blessings.

We ask for better path.Assignment part c:Surah fatiha has a great impact on muslims life. The lord of us, the food provider of us, Allah who has just sympathy for us. If we read this surah we realize that how much Allah loves us, how great he is. This surah make us realize that if we ask for apology from him with sincere heart then Inshallah he will never reject it.

If we read this surah we realize that he Is telling sinners that I can forgive u and I am merciful but at the same time, he warn us from "day of judgement" when everyone who did wrong with humanity, never accepted Allah orders. This is a reminder for us about day of judgement. When we recite this surah in every prayer, this makes our relationship with Allah more stronger because this surah has deep meanings, tells us about God mercy.

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