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By the Way and Mother

It is often said that life is about dreaming, and hoping and learning. As a child, I dreamed of only one thing – to be successful in everything- to be successful in everything I do to make everyone proud of me, especially my mother. But later I realized that I, just like most children, do not have to do anything to win my mother’s heart.

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Back in 70’s my father was diagnosed with lung cancer resulting in a very difficult, prolonged treatment that did not save him, after all.

This was a cruel blow to our family, especially to my mother who has understandably at a loss, left with nine children to raise all by herself. She was young at 39 when she was widowed but she never entertained the thought of marrying again because she wanted to give her children her undivided attention. Now we are professionals in our own field but we know we can never repay our mother’s for all that she has done for us to be where we are now.

Words will never be enough to honor a hero like my mother whose silent, endearing ways have given us the best of life, peace, joy, love and the security of knowing that even if we should fall in any way at any time again and again, she would always be by our side to be what she has always been to us- our certainty is the most uncertain times; the true hero who knows how to live her life to the fullest by doing the supreme sacrifice of living for her children. Even now at 68, she still amazes me by the way she manages the great and minute details of motherhood.

Whenever I feel some doubts about my worth before God, I only have to think of how worthy I am to my mother according to the way she accepts me even if I had done something wrong. Yes, through my mother I know there is God. Thank you mama- for being all too human. You have led us to discovering that which is divine! And as a true hero you have freed us from the tyranny of ignorance by educating us beyond the corners of a formal school, for even in the comfort in our home you have always served as the light of our lives.