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Men Better Leaders Than Women

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Leadership is very important in our human life in day no matter what happen when living in a society or others else. What meaning of leadership we know? It is the activity of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this. That is a definition we should know before we discuss more details about it, when we talk about leadership first commonly we wonder who the better leader between men and women. In my opinion, I chose men the best to take as a leader. There are several reasons why I chose men from women as a leader.

First of all we can say that men has a good leader than women because men has a better leadership style then other, leadership style is a most important thing that criteria to be as a leader professional, physical and mental strength of a man better than women we can see today men have been much more successful in other aspect he try to take small thing very perfect in decide maker before give the one instruction or rule, that why to be a good leader must have that criteria to successful in their commitment.

Different than women she just judge the thing without the impact to the future this problem not too good as a professional leader, Beside that women is an emotional human than men so every day they are have many mood that can influence their commitment different than men is a strong and courageous in all aspect that happen to her every day that can manage all problem so effective.

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Men are committed to their job than women for as a good leader committed is a very need in a person to guide his subordinate easily. Apart from that men have a best communication skill when as a leader, a good communication skill to be more confidence level that he is a good leaders than women

Men Better Leaders Than Women essay

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Do men make better leaders than women?

Humans are over-confident in general, but men are more over-confident than women and get rewarded more for being over-confident. If you are unjustifiably pleased with yourself, unaware of your limitations and come across as over-confident — but you are a man — people would be more likely to say, “Wow, this person is leadership material.

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Women leaders outperform. Especially during a crisis. Companies with more of them do better. Countries led by women are managing the Covid crisis better than their male counterparts.” Data Shows Women Make Better Leaders. Who Cares?

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Women are often stereotyped as being bad drivers, but new research shows they are actually more competent than men behind the wheel. Young men, regular drivers and extroverted or neurotic people are more likely to be distracted while driving, the study found.

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