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Mathematics Is Useful

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Mathematics can benefit everyone in any kind of way. Mathematics is also a necessity. From balancing a checkbook to a simple game of poker, you are using your math skills everywhere. As a cashier, I use my skills every time I go to work. Even though the machine does tell me what change to give back, and what is the total cost of all the products, I have to use my skills to count out the change.

I also use my skills when marking down items, putting in coupons, and how much a bag of fruit or meat weighs. I am currently looking for a new phone for my phone plan I have now, I’m using my math skills to calculate how much my phone will be if I do a trade-in. Some more examples of how math is useful in everyday life are calculating a tip, using a recipe, playing pool, building a deck, and investing for retirement. Mathematics is Important Mathematics is essential for science, engineering, and research.

Also mathematic proficiency is required for many jobs nowadays. Doing mathematics teaches patterns of problem-solving and insight that transfer to other knowledge domains. The career I chose is the Accounting field, and as you know, Accountants deal with money. Mathematics and accounting go hand in hand, though not as intertwined as people may believe. The purpose of having a strong mathematical background is to increase an accountant's cognitive ability.

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Many different accounting activities require the use mathematics or mathematical principles. Conclusion Understanding what math abilities are necessary can help individuals prepare for this business process. Accounting activities are full of basic and advanced calculations. These are often necessary to understand what information needs to go into a company's general ledger. Many calculations require basic math principles. Other times, however, many complex issues may require the use of multiple calculations.

It is important to have basic math and algebra skills to complete these tasks and report accurate financial information.


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