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Marriage and Lovers

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An Epitaph upon Husband and Wife By : Richard Crashow Richard begins his poem with addressing lovers who are dead and whom death gathered them one more time, or, as it were, wedded them again, and this is a metaphor, in which, he resembles dying together to get married again. The grave that the lovers are in is the second marriage-bed, this is also a metaphor. The lovers will fade away, for separating soul and body is the fate's job which is : obligatory; however, desting can not sever husband and wife because they live once.

Now the poet wants readers to calm down because the lovers are not dead, they are sleeping like innocent turtles, this is an image, in which, he resembles the sleeping of the lovers to the turtles, for turtles are innocent and never commit any bad thing. The only reason that lets them sleep together is love knot, lovers cannot run away, for love knot gathers them together. The lovers have to sleep until the end of fate's job which is : taking away people's life, they have to sleep until the dawn shines, and then all life will be daytime only without night as in paradise.

When the storm stops, and the shining dawn comes, the lovers will sleep with happiness and enjoys eternity. Commentary This poem is entitled " An Epitaph upon Husband and Wife" by Richard Crashow, a metaphysical poet. The metaphysical poetry is unusual poetry that is behind logic. In this poem, Crashow tries to cure a misconception, in which, lovers fade away after being dead, he declares that they are just asleep, they do not die but live immortality. This poem enjoys rhyme as in : " wed ,bed" , " wife ,life" , "lie ,tie" and "light, night".

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Marriage and Lovers

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