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Terms And Condition For Website

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The website as the product has colorful and attractive web design which at the same friendly-user because all needed information is provided in just one click. Its terms and condition is provided once the client signs up for subscription. A company magazine will be sent to the regular clients or those who have annual subscription to see updates and other promotions. The company ensures that live telecast of the show/games are sent simultaneously. Price The price depends on the value set in their country and the number of expected viewers who will patronage the product.

The subscription fee as well as the advertisements that will be generated from the advertisement in local television network will be shared as stated in the contract. However, individual subscription fee is fixed, which is also stated in the contract. Place The services are accessible through internet, and once a transaction is made the game will be sent instantly into their computers. Exchange of communication will be processed here though chatting system is still under construction for live transaction; in replacement, common messaging index is provided where clients can send their inquiries.

Promotion Initially, discounts will be offered to first few subscribers; however, additional discounts are given to annual subscribers of the services. At the same time, the website and the products are also advertised in other sites. Budget It is estimated that an initial project cost would be one billion dollar that includes web designing, web hosting, operational expenses, employees’ salary, and one year coverage of the events. Implementation The plan is set to operate in three months time; however, the marketing of the project as well as the meeting of prospective clients are ongoing.

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The allowance of three months is enough to accommodate other important arrangements before the full operation of the website. Measure Results To measure the result, both accounting and auditing system must work hand in hand to measure the effectiveness of the effort. It is important to compare the revenues against the expenses, which includes marketing, promotional, and operational expenses. The result should be presented in graphs or tables to be compared to the company’s target revenue for a specific period of time.


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