Margaret Sanger: the Morality of Birth Control

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The Morality of Birth Control pin points several key reasons as to why birth control should be accepted and embraced into the lives of people around the world.

Sanger effectively makes her opinion of birth control clear through the use of many classical argumentation tactics. She does not make any concessions to the opposing side what so ever and justifies only her beliefs with valid research presenting concise information.She initially captures the audience with stating that not only should this issue be presented to scientists and theologians but also to the general public, making the people feel important in this situation. Her thesis is that birth control consists of morality because on the whole it benefits the entire human race as well as people individually. She also exposes the hypocrisy within the church on how giving women freedom will lower their morality even though the act of restricting their rights is one of immorality to begin with.She claims that women have knowledge of their bodies and that they can make decisions for themselves, not all being immoral. One point is that birth control allows for choice, inevitably improving the world in all aspects.

Concrete examples for her argument are also provided in stating that the right to control the population is an award due to the fact that our world is corrupt with war, disease, and famine, and we should not force people to be born into this.This specific reason is one of morality because Sanger is only considering the unborn that would have to endure the harsh realities found within our world. Not obtaining total control over the population would do nothing but contribute to the downfall of the human race. In my opinion, it is obvious that Sanger has studied thoroughly on this case and has refuted the opposing views with loads of evidence provided. As a reader, she has convinced me of accepting birth control as a glorious contribution to society.

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