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Mans Impact N the Environment

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Chante Hamilton Maturity Maturity. What makes an individual mature? Maturity comes with age and time. It is the ability to make wise decisions. It is also the way in which people act toward different situations. Maturity can be shown in the way organisms develop. Society claims that females mature faster than males, physically and emotionally. However this is not necessarily true because everyone grows differently. Although maturity has much to do with aging, it can also be seen in the way animals and plants grow. Almost anyone can identify the difference between a mango seedling and a fully developed mangola .

The contrast is obvious. A mango seedling is small, hard, bitter and green. On the other hand, a mangola is large in size, bright yellow and succulent due to its maturity. This instantly brings to mind the origin of the word mature. The word is derived from the Latin term ‘maturare’ which means “to ripen”. We can also see maturity in animals. For example, a toad and a tadpole are completely different in structure. However, a tadpole changes into a toad due to metamorphosis. A tadpole is limited to only a tale and a head and is incredibly. Whereas a toad particularly bulky and has webbed feed, protruding eyes and lacks a tale.

Maturity is also shown in the way human beings grow as they age. In this case, some people mature faster than others. The body of an adolescent female is far less developed than an adult female. A mature female has broad hips and large busts compared to younger females who lack such assets. Body maturity also applies to males. When a male is young his entire body has a “young” look. His shoulders are not broad, his arms look a bit wimpy and he has little to no facial hair. However, a grown male has facial hair, he is taller, his arms and his chest and shoulders are built. Recently I’ve witnessed just how immature some people can get.

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Politicians of the PLP and FNM exposed each other’s personal life to the nation as if it were concerned anyone. They did this just to gain more votes. Anyone that can stoop this low has to be immature. To be immature is to be mentally primitive. It causes human beings to display a “childish” attitude towards others. They should have played fair and worked in their constituencies to the best of their abilities. That would have been the mature thing to do. Immaturity is also seen at its best in young children. For example, as a child I would throw the biggest of tantrums whenever I candy and “no” was the answer.

I would cry, scream and throw things over until I accepted the fact that I just was not getting the candy. Now, as an adult I can hear the word “no” and move on because of the level of maturity I’ve gained over the past few years. The best way to show maturity is to show our knowledge instead of bringing childish acts to the table. Each and every one of us has the ability to do so if we would just think before we act. We should also show respect for our peers and give help where it is due. Maturity is also shown through manners, courteousness and being graceful. All of these things are what makes an individual mature.

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