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Management Summary

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Concepts of Quality management would include: Health care not causing harm, care fitting needs ND preferences of patients, care given with no necessary delays, includes only the testing and services your issue needs, there is no discrimination involved, and the care Involved is right for your Illness(What Is Quality In Health Care, n. D). In order to attain what Maxim perceives as quality management they create a successful relationship with patients, employees, and referral sources by identifying and serving the needs of others.

This is evident in Maxim's ongoing efforts to assess and refine all management, clinical, and support processes. A relationship with Maxim signifies a partnership with a devoted organization that is committed to making home healthcare more responsive and effective every day. Quality has so many definitions and descriptions that can be used to motivate a team or to define the importance of the goal at hand. Quality assurance, quality management, quality Improvement and quality importance are only some of what we use dally to define how important quality is. Http://www. Immaculateness. Mom/services/homemade. Asps The long term goals of Maxim would be that they reach an ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. If they govern their company with quality management they will guarantee themselves customer approval and satisfaction. They do so by conducting self-evaluations which they believe Is critical for Improvement. Routine review of policies, processes and procedures enables Maxim to continuously improve its standard of care delivery. It helps them to gain insight as to competitors and what their customer demographic prefers so that they may cater to them more efficiently. Http://www. Immaculateness. Com/services/homemade-commitment. Asps Product quality is an attainable long term goal with some aspects being performance, penetrability and stability. Businesses can create products and services that meet the promises given to their clients. Increasing revenue is always a goal of any organization. Maxim Healthcare Services has fit Into that reputation. By maintaining a good reputation this gives the company the ability to increase the number of new customers and sell additional products and services to existing patients.

By also removing practices that are ineffective from inside the organization it improves employee efficiency. By staff spending less time by doing non quality Inducing actions they spend more time on things that are quality based. Therefore less wastefulness of time or resources. Waste reduction is also an important subject in quality management. A quality management program that reduces the quantity of inventory that costs the company more money and takes up more space Is another waste reduction technique to save the company money. It is necessary for a company to keep accurate quantities of 1 OFF short term goal that motivates is teamwork.

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Working as a group is another quality management system that most companies require. Different departments become pendent upon each other to provide quality care and services to their patient that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the customer. Integration of quality systems measures that influence sales, economics customer service, operations and marketing. Teamwork is exceptionally important to the successes of any team or business. Teamwork is necessary between all levels of staff, from management to reception. All departments depend on each other to create a successful visit for each patient.

Implementation of quality management policies is always important once hey are introduced. The awareness of excessive or overuse of services is one issue that can be stopped by filtering those that are seeking health care services based on needs. The number of patients seeking care that do not need it is excessive and can sometimes be avoided. This increases costs and can also Jeopardize their wellbeing. There are also services that are underused. Citizens have been known not to obtain care that will eventually have complications based on problems that have transpired.

Maxim tries to help avoid such situations by making sure all staff member have raining they need to assess such patients. Annually approximately 18,000 people pass away from not consulting health professionals when needed. They try to avoid such discrepancies in health care practice as well as local changes and small area variations. All facilities must take accountability for all their actions as should any facility. Industry management significantly persuades the effectiveness and the quality of the services given by the hospital.

Management assessments also establish how much resources are devoted to the research and materials needed. Health care reactive has not kept up with the developing science of health care to make certain evidence-based practice in the United States. (Large, T. , n. D. ). Defending patient privacy and health information is imperative in a health care setting. Information technology in a healthcare or medical setting improves patient care and safety. Maxim Healthcare Services tries to have the top of line employees in their technology staff to protect their patients. Patient security and protection is important at all times.

Maxim Healthcare Services also tries to bring passionate fulfillment to people and enlarge the lives of their patients by working hard to develop product quality by first paying attention to the consumers/customers and then pertaining what they have learned to company operations. Quality management and risk management go hand in hand. They are both accomplished by incorporating agency programs that systematically classify and examine exposures to risk, selecting and implementing proper risk control strategies, financing expected or incurred losses and normal monitoring for frequent development and enrichment.

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