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Management Roles

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Managers are the people who responsible for the work performance by other organizational members. Managers have formal authority to use organizational resources and make decisions. Management Roles were categorized by researcher Henry Mentoring, and they can be grouped into three major types. 1) Decisional Roles: Require managers to plan strategy and utilize resources. 2) Interpersonal Roles: Require managers to direct and supervise employees and organization. 3) Informational Roles: Require managers to obtain and transmit information. Category Role Activity

Informational Monitor Gathers Internal and external information relevant to the organization. Disseminated Transmits factual and value based Information to subordinates. Spokesperson Communicates to the outside world on performance and policies. Interpersonal Figurehead The manager performs ceremonial and symbolic duties as head of the organization. Leader Direct and motivate subordinates; counsel and communicate with subordinates. Lawson Develops and malignant a network of external contacts to gather information. Decisional Entrepreneur Designs and Initiates change In the organization,

Disturbance handler's with unexpected events and operational breakdowns, Resource locator controls and authorizes the use of organizational resources, Negotiator Participates in negotiation activities with other organizations and individuals. Manager requires certain skills & abilities to translate knowledge into action that results in desired performance. These skills fall under three categories: 0 Technical: The ability to use knowledge or expertise to perform particular tasks. Managers acquire these skills initially through formal education and then further develop through training and Job experience.

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Technical skills are most Important at lower levels of management. C] Human: The ability to work well In cooperation with others. A manager with good human skills has a high degree of self-awareness and a capacity to understand & to share the feelings of others. They are critical for all managers because of the highly interpersonal nature of managerial work. 0 Conceptual.

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