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Management Philosophy essay

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Philosophy is based on the principals that I have value and believe is what embodies a good leader. Following these principals will show you what to expect from me, what I expect of you, and so you can help me become a better leader. I lead by: Setting the right example by aligning actions and words with values. Making and keeping commitments. Earning credibility through the hard work efforts. Setting goals which are measurable and achievable. Encouraging others to reach their potential. Demonstrating integrity and character to others. Recognizing the success of others is paramount to the success of the company.

I express gratitude and thanks for the contribution of others. I place great value In: Knowledge. Sharing knowledge builds trust, gains credibility and Increases productively In our company and with our customers. Quality. Exceed the customer's quality expectations to generate customer satisfaction, trust, goodwill and repeat business. Honesty. Honesty is most essential. Trust. Trust is earned by action and also taken by action. Credibility. People who deliver what they promise build credibility and trust with those around them. Communication. Clear communication avoids error, mistakes and countermanding.

Talk to others the way you want to be talked to. Accuracy. Elimination of errors and inaccuracy builds confidence in our process. What I expect: Work towards your objectives daily. Keep them In focus and plan for success. Take pride In your work. Protect the company and Its Interest at all times. Give the company a full day's work for a full day's pay. Focus on getting results, meeting goals and help others do the same. Show respect for individuals. Learn from those you lead and value their contribution. Invest in their success. Be a team player and a team leader.

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Management Philosophy essay

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