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Management: Individual Reflection

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This reflection paper will briefly state and express my thoughts and sentiments on the things that I have learned and realized during the group project. In a few words, I would like to share some of the self-realization and a few insights that I have picked up while doing the project. The Experience During the group project, I instantly noticed how helpful and friendly my colleagues were. Working in a group, will always mean that teamwork and being nice and considerate towards your team/group mate will play an integral part of the success of the project.

Another thing that I realized for myself was that scholastic knowledge is not enough. Learning is a continuous process and that experience is also one of the best teachers. Knowing is different from having the feel of it and really doing it in real life. This experience was like real work in the real world. This project taught me a lot about handling time and keeping to the schedule. It trained to be mindful of the time and respect the time of others. Because of this, I realized how important organization as well as managing my time and schedule is not only at work but to my personal life.

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Management: Individual Reflection

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Although, this experience is more like a practice exercise, this is the first real hands on experience I ever had working as a team in programming. This may just be an activity, but I know that the things I have learned, witnessed and experienced will help me in the future. Conclusion To conclude this, being “book-smart” is good. It becomes better when you are able to put the scholastic knowledge and the life experience and skills together. Because of this experience, I believe that I have developed myself even more not just in my field but as a person too.

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