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Management and Corporate Culture

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Even though sub-cultures exist within the many, the dominant culture must be sturdy for the sub-cultures members to embrace it. (http://www. Evangelically. Com accessed 1 5/0112010) Breadbasket strives to deliver high and consistent standards of products to their customers. Employees undergo hands-on training at the various Breadbasket outlets. Training ranges from bread packing to serving customers at the front line. Staff In the management level Is constantly sent for related development courses as the firm believes that training is important.

With the ease of employment of foreign workers, Breadbasket ensures that he foreign employees are given time to adjust to the culture in Singapore and to settle In comfortably. Breadbasket Group emphasizes on team bonding. For instance. It is the firm's culture to organize a day trip to the beach or a park for a day of fun and team building activities designed to help the outlet staff to get to know each other better. This enhances a greater sense of bonding and understanding of working together as team at the outlet. Http://www. ]boobs. Com. So/SO/EN/VITAL/Home/ indigo_food_n_beverage_breadbasket. HTML accessed 14/0112010) Employees are encouraged to be creative and think out of the box. The main duties of an outlet manager extend beyond ensuring that the sales target is reached and to answer to Its management. It also entails planning a career development path for Its entire staff to grow with the organization. He is also in charge of developing a service culture to enhance the group's image and increase customers loyalty.

To top it off, the manager has to create a fun and enjoyable environment for staff to work in. The founding of Breadbasket has been a classic rags-to-riches story. Mr. George Queue worked his way up from the success of a single bread, named The Floss' and its evolutionary boutique concept of displaying the various products in glass, similarly to Jewels being displayed in a Jewelry store. This story, although told countless times to new employees, whether foreign or locals illustrates the Importance of certain values hold by the Group.

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In view of the above, I would feel that Breadbasket falls into the club category, of what the firm is concerned with its employees fitting I OFF Journal of Management Development, Volvo. 20 No. 10, up. 853) Change/longshoremen of Corporate Culture The Group has taken up an aggressive ambition of opening Breadbasket and Toast outlets worldwide. No doubt, bread is considered a staple food in many countries and Breadbasket had successfully instilled serving various types in their outlets. However, it is easily duplicated by competitors as the main ingredients are very similar.

Breadbasket had also tried its hands in diversifying in other Food & Beverage fields, such as franchising in restaurants, cafes and food atrium's and they are proven to be successful. However, in the midst of expansion, Breadbasket has forgotten that supporting the Group's umbrella is a team of staff. Though each outlet had close interactions with their own colleagues, but there is minimal interaction with the other outlets within Singapore. Hence, the sharing of new ideas and information is limited and restricted to within the individual outlets.

Employees at the outlets are trained over a range of tasks, from preparation to counter duties. However, much of the time, the training is considered completed at that stage and no other training is given to the staff at the outlets. Hence, the Group's concern that the employees are closely fitted to their Job scopes ends at that particular stage. There is no further development for employee's growth. Actions for Changes As a manager, I loud propose to implement changes to the above. The staff at the various outlets would be accessed and appraised individually.

The leader or manager at the particular outlet then puts up a recommendation for a member whom he thinks can excel at other duties or responsibility. This employee would then be transferred to another department or outlet or even remain at the same outlet to carry out the new responsibilities. Probation of 3 months may be given depending on the nature of the duties. I would also suggest rotating the team members periodically to reduce boredom and increase Job satisfaction. Additionally, employees are able to gain more insights into the process of the company.

With regards to the transfer of ideas and information between the various outlets, it is possible to hold a quarterly or half- yearly team building sessions with all the bakery outlets. In a relaxed and fun environment, members are more apt to voice out suggestions which may be considered by the management in their quest for expansion. It has been noted that regardless how innovative Breadbasket is with their various range of breads (typically an outlet displays up to 50 different types of bread), the hot selling type would always be imitated by the other competitors at a fast pace.

Hence, the Group could consider emphasizing on other areas, such as continued franchise with other brands or to open more Toast outlets rather than Breadbasket outlets. Toast's main competitor would be 'Ah Sun's Kayak Toast' and there is a higher barrier to entry compared to the bakery outlets. Hence, Breadbasket would be more successful in cafe style businesses serving the 'nostalgic Singapore kopi and bread'. Conclusion Corporate culture, although invisible, breaths life into organization. It is present in every organization.

It is seen s a soft human side of business, yet it is a challenge to manage. As the saying goes, "The best organization runs like well-oiled machines. " Ironically, these machines also require external agents, which are people, to turn them on. Organizations are 2001) There is no one best corporate culture or a formulae that fits all businesses. No culture will last forever, and there is no culture that is inherently good or bad. (Contingency Framework, Geoff and Jones 1998). Management should be vigilant in to recognizes any changes in the corporate culture and do make the necessary adjustments.

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