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Major Games in Amateur Sport Essay

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“The world of major sports events is a dynamic, evolving and growing industry (like the business of sport itself), with an increasing number of major world events… broadcasting rights and cut throat competition to be the host.” (Gratton et al, 2001, 63)  The Deaflympics program will present 20 different competitive events in the following summer disciplines:

• Athletics – Track and Field:

• Badminton: Team competition/Men's and Women's singles /Men's and Women's doubles /Mixed doubles

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• Basketball - Team tournament for men and women.

• Beach Volleyball - Team tournament for men and women.

• Bowling - Singles - Six games /Doubles - Six games /Trios - Six games /Team (5 players)

• Cycling Road - Sprint /Individual Time Trial /Road Race /Points Race

• Football - Team tournament for men and women.

• Handball - Team tournament for men and women.

• Judo • Karate • Taekwondo – Men Women

• Orienteering - Long Event /Relay Event /Sprint Event

• Shooting - Free Rifle prone /Free Rifle three positions /Air Rifle /Free Pistol /Rapid Fire Pistol

Swimming - Freestyle / Backstroke/Breaststroke /Butterfly Individual Medley Team relay

• Table Tennis - Men's and Women's singles /Men's and Women's doubles /Men's and Women's teams /Mixed doubles/

• Tennis - Men's and Women's singles /Men's and Women's doubles /Mixed doubles

• Volleyball - Team tournament for men and women.

• Water Polo- Team tournament for men only.

• Wrestling Freestyle -The wrestling competitions will consist of the following events (men only):

• Wrestling Greco-Roman men only

The “bid to host” process involves two critical steps.  The Initial applications must be submitted to the International Olympic Committee.  Procedural contact via the IOC will be made with the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf. However, protocol indicates that final decision remains with the oversight sanctioning body of The Summer and Winter Deaflympics, the International Olympic Committee.

“The increasing complexity of the relationship between a greater number of public and private actors has challenged the political and institutional capacity of the state to steer the policy choices affecting society and the economy.”  (Budd et al, 2004, 12)

The national and local level participation requires an official application from the “Applicant City.”   Known as the candidature acceptance procedure, a questionnaire in Phase One of the bid process is submitted to the IOC. The collaboration between the local sponsors, city officials and bid committee benefit from a complete overview of organizing the Deaflympics and of what will be expected from them should they be selected as Candidate Cities and reach Phase Two of the procedure.

Venue selection for each sport must meet the following general criteria. However the most important and over whelming factor is broadcast access.  “The struggle for control over Olympic communication is centered on television, the medium largely responsible for transforming the modern Olympic movement.” (Larson et al, 1993, 65)

On a secondary yet vital level, the type and condition of the competition surface or field of play, seating capacity and format, number of locker rooms, training amenities, equipment storage, sports shops, concession stands, public address and multi media system, box office, press facilities, communications, parking/handicap access, scheduling, medical facilities and advertising.

Upon selection, a second standard specific to the sport will be evaluated. Ever more policy makers view telecommunications as a strategic resource hence the financial foundation of the bid is paramount to success of the games. (Read et al, 1996, 9)

To ensure the security of athletes, coaches, and fans the need for professional security support, trained staff and volunteers, communication equipment, local, national and international media, accreditation, VIP room and services.  Most importantly liability and cancellation insurance, physician(s) on-site, first aid facilities on-site, emergency medical services, strategies for injuries and an emergency evacuation strategy must be in place.

Critical to the planning and implementation to the plan require participation from local communities by actively attending the games and using their purchasing power. All local and state wide sport organizations will provide professional help with the operational aspects of the events.

Regarding sports issues, “it is necessary to have some appreciation of the structure of government, the development and organization of sport and the dominant pattern of policy-making.”  (Houlihan, 1997, 22)

The Municipal Government, local and state wide business community together with state wide corporate sponsors must provide the fund raising mechanism to initiate the application process, maintain operational support thru to the completion of the games.

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