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Maintaining National Security in a Society

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Maintenance of national security has always been an issue in a society that is based on civil rights and liberties (U.S…, n.d.). Explaining further, in the implementation of national security measures, although intended to protect the nation or the society, the reality is that it sometimes unavoidably and automatically have a tendency to confine an individual’s rights and liberties (U.S…, n.d.).

This situation is not that difficult to deal with, however, it entails great understanding on the part of the people and extreme patience on the part of the government (U.S…, n.d.). Let us take the following example, wherein, the measures implemented including civil defense, emergency preparedness, anti-terrorism, etc trigger the “civil rights and liberties issues”: Back then the Transportation Security Administration’s rules and regulations with regards to air travel in the United States were rather lenient,  (Transportation.., n.d.).

Moreover, electronic devices like cellular phones and laptop; food and drinks; makeup and personal items; martial arts, especially if you can show proof that you are traveling to compete; medications and hospital apparatuses needed by the passenger; self-defense items; sporting goods; tools; etc may be brought (Transportation.., n.d.). It was so “relaxed/lenient/easygoing” that implementing restrictions right now not to bring so when traveling made some individuals feel that their rights and liberties were somehow violated (Transportation.., n.d.). If only individuals would be more understanding and patient enough to really grasp that such preventive measures may prevent terrorism attacks like what occurred in September 11 then it would have been much better (Transportation.., n.d.).

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In addition to that though, complaints by some people is normal considering the changes in the rules, however, the government should also learn to explain better whatever their rules/regulations are (Transportation.., n.d.). Again, let’s take for instance; in this case, it was not made clear why certain liquids to be brought were limited to up to three ounces only (Transportation.., n.d.).


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