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Living in the Big City

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Thao Nguyen02/18/2013 Toefl Prep. Dr. Ray Simple Essay Problem solving is the most important skill in the present day world. We have to deal with problem solving in business, in private lives, and in doing everyday choice. Below, I would like to specify the importance of this most vital skill in the areas mentioned above. First, every business is based on the ability of the owner of the business and his employees to make fast and professional decision.

There are many situations in business that may be connected to buying a new product, selling it to the right person, advertising it, or communicating with other businesses for the sake of promoting your own. For example, my friend has a small restaurant. I can see how hectic his life is most of all, I am surprised at the speed with he makes very important decision. Sometimes, these decisions are wrong, but he does not mind. He says he his learning from his mistakes. Obviously, it is absolutely essential to solve the problem in business quickly if you want to survive in a tough competition in present day world.

Second, we have to make a lot of personal choices in life, and therefore, we have to learn how to solve a lot of personal problems, too. It is a very difficult thing to make the right decision in love situation. I, for one, am very an emotional person. Due to my emotions, I make quick but wrong decisions. Therefore, I blame myself afterwards for having done or said something without much thinking. I know that I have to work on my ability to think first and to act after that if I want to be successful in problem solving.

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Living in the Big City

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Third, my life is full of chores. I have to run around doing things, connected with my job, my college work, and my personal duties. For an instance, I have to make decisions every second, what to buy, what to wear, what to say, and how much money to spend. In fact, if I do not solve this problem quickly, I am lost. In conclusion, every one of us needs to do a lot of problem solving every day. We should be smart and calm about our decisions. I hope I will acquire this skill as I am moving along in life. The choice we make dictate the life we live.

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