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Legal Aspects of Education

The secretary of education in the past William Bennett implemented thorough analysis of the issue concerning the reasons why present educations scheme is not successful for students, and the measures that could be taken to boost educational presentation and protect the finances.He specified several unlawful associations which are worse in the US.It is contradictory to really productive education law.

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It places its own priorities, not the students’ on the first place. It has deplored so greatly about the profession of a teacher that it made numerous persons to refuse from the connecting their lives with teaching profession.

According to Bennett, the too much legalization of learning system is restraining daring, inventive people who want to hold the accountability and to acknowledge the result. I completely agree with Mr. Bennett that the law simply does not implement its real function. Instead of letting students feel more self-assured and protected it really can prevent good and perspective educators from penetrating school system. Certainly separate individuals really must be removed from teaching however according to Bennett some of such restrictions will be unavoidably “slipped around” and this will not help to protect students.

I suggest that modification-oriented teachers and socio- lawful researchers with sufficient information of learning principle and the function of regulation in communal restructure should consider both its empirical restrictions and speculative positive sides. I agree that the researches should and must actively participate in process of change and it is essential to know on time about the law actions that can protect students’ and teachers’ rights and finish the crisis in the system of education.

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