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Leading at a Higher Level

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The book under consideration is named “Leading at a Higher Level” and this extraordinary book was written by Ken Blanchard. The author has previously written numerous books namely The One Minute Manager, Raving Fans and now this book. The books written by the aforementioned author have turned out to be helpful for a number of people in perfecting their own leadership skills and expand the prospective of those around them.

Now, in Leading at a Higher Level, Ken Blanchard discloses the answers to superlative leadership. Anyone and everyone can profit from the recommendations in this book that have previously helped thousands of leaders and business’ become more oriented around its people, centered on the satisfaction of its customers and performance-driven. The author introduces the readers to innumerable concepts such as the “triple bottom line” and how to use it to generate effectual objectives and visions.

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The book provides the readers with the ways to determine ways to turn customers into what the author calls “raving fans” and build up a proper “customer mania.” Any of the higher authorities of an organization can use the techniques presented by the author in his book their own guidance, for leading teams as well as complete organizations. It can also help one in finding their own individual “leadership point of view”, which is a skill that all really great leaders have power over and it is also helpful in finding out how to relate it all the way through your entire life. By the use of this book, regardless of who or what place you are at, one can produce high-performing business; that can ease out life for everyone. Hoist your game, improve your presentation and make sure that you are foremost at a higher level.


As said, “Leaders in any realm of life can become self-serving when the driving reason for being in business is based solely on profit. While profit is a legitimate goal, neglecting to see leadership as part of a higher calling diminishes the capacity to influence others and impact the greater good” (William, p.1). Leading at a Higher Level scrutinizes the notion of leading with a higher rationale, which necessitates a persuasive visualization and a way of life that the expansion of people is in the same way important to that of presentation. Author Ken Blanchard dares readers to show the way by asking themselves about their own realities, what they position for, and how they can take the inventiveness even if they do not have authoritative power.

In the aforementioned book, the author along with a number of his colleagues has made the efforts to put forward their own understanding of top-notch leadership. By reading the book one can learn just how to create aims and objectives for the organization and the ways by which you can make your existence known as well as where your company is moving.

Blanchard expands his step forward work on conveying well-known customer service and creating what he calls “raving fans.” In the book one will find the state-of-the-art dialogue of the well-known Situational Leadership II techniques for leading yourself, persons, teams, and complete businesses. Most significantly, Leading at a Higher Level the book is a big help if one wishes to take a good look at himself, determine the private “leadership point of view” and then use it for the rest of his or her life. In the words of the author, “those who want to lead at a higher level need to understand what a high performing organization looks like and what is necessary to create one. They need to aim for the right target. Profit is the applause you get for taking care of your customers and creating a motivating environment for your people” (Blanchard, p.4).

The author believes that anyone who wishes to become a better leader in any company, any organization, and any area of life needs to have a fixed aim, follow the right idea, focus on the “bottom lines” that really matter at the same time as providing the customers with good support and deliver your ideal customer experience, and create “raving fans”. But most of all what he wants to deliver is that leaders should, “Listen, praise, support, guide, and help your people win” (Blanchard, p.5).

The book is extremely informative when it comes to learning how to lead your people to enormity as you create elevated performing organizations that make life better for everyone. This book will direct you, motivate you, incite you, and be your criterion. Ken Blanchard along with a vast number of his colleagues are people that have spent a number of years in serving good leaders and organizations become grand, and as well as stay that way. In this book, they have made an effort to bring together everything they have learnt in the years gone by. By this book one can discover how to, “Go beyond the short term and zero in on the right target and vision, deliver legendary, maniacal customer service, and earn raving fans, truly empower your people and unleash their incredible potential, ground your leadership in humility and focus on the greater good” (Blanchard, p.10). Since a very long time, a vast number of people have benefited from the insight, understanding, and convenient procedures.

From my personal point of view, the book is excellently written providing examples from the lives of real leaders. The book has been written in a very exciting manner and one can not get bored while reading it. Speaking for myself, I have not found anything negative about the book.


In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that the book that has been mentioned above namely Leading at a Higher Level was written by Ken Blanchard and the book is related to the ways in which leaders can understand themselves and then lead themselves, their teams and the entire organizations on the way to success.

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