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Leadership: Overview

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Bloom’s taxonomy consists of 3 main types of learning. Cognitive, affective, and psychomotor.

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Leadership: Overview

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. Cognitive domain entails knowledge as well as development of intellectual skills. Under this are such aspects as the recall or recognition of specific facts; procedural patterns as well as concepts aid in the development of both intellectual skills and abilities. There are 6 main categories under cognitive domain.

First is knowledge, which simply involves recall of date and or information. For instance a transformational heath care leader would have to recite a policy, quote procedure to a nurse or doctor and know the safety rules as well. The essential elements under this is ability of the healthcare leader to describe, define, identify, know, list, name, recognize, match, reproduce, select, state, recall, outline among others.

The second component involves that of comprehension, which generally encompasses understanding of the meaning translation, interpolation and interpretation of procedures and problems besides it involves the starting of a problem on one’s own words. For example, a healthcare leader would have to rewrite the principles of a test procedure and then goon to explain, in his /her own words the steps to followed while performing let’s say such complex task like surgery among others. In other words the leader is able to transform in to something like an equation into a computer spread sheet.

The third aspect of the cognitive domain of the bloom’s taxonomy, involves application. Application would involve the use of a concept in a new scenario or the unsolicited or unprompted use of an abstraction. For instance; in a certain cases like the health care, leadership should employ a manual to compute an employee’s vacation period. Likewise he or she could apply the theories of statistics to asses the level of reliability of certain medical routine or any such tests. In essence the healthcare leader should put the theoretical aspects in to practical use, demonstrate as well as solve problems and then manage an activity as well.

The fourth aspect is that of analysis. A transformational leader in this view would. Have such “key drivers” like analyzing, cataloguing, breaking down, comparing, quantifying, troubleshooting, deconstruction, discrimination, distinguishes, contrasting, illustrating, inferring, outlining, examining, valuing, extrapolating, dividing, and relating among others. The unique aspect of this is that the leader is involved in the whole process from decision making to solving problems to execute of important assignments.

A transformational leader would synthesize with the aim of creating and /or building. The leaders under this aspect develops explains or procedures, he or she then designs their solutions while integrating them within the system. In effect he or she will build a structure of patterning or designs from various elements. He or she would then put the diverse components together to form a whole part with emphasis on offering and creating a new design or meaning.

With reference to evaluation the health care leader who is transformational would assess the effectiveness of whole concepts with reference to values out puts efficacy as well as viability. He or she will then critically think about the scenario, make a strategic comparison and review and finally make a judgment in relation to external criteria.


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Bloom B.S

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