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Language and Logic: Behind the Last Word

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There has been a lot of misconception whether the true nature of the language hides behind the context of every letter it has. But since the systematic arrangement of the letters give the essence to what it will mean, the notion of having a naturalistic view wherein we are settled to believe that everything exists as they are is not a god point in defining the social phenomenon that later make it useful.

As defined by the writer, those who successfully undergone the challenges that was set by the fast changing environment wherein the substance of the spoken literature and the unheard story of the language emerged as the primary tool of examining the precise condition of certain issue in the society. As we are aware of what is happening around us, it is equally important to visualize the significance of taking some actions in accordance to what we see as fit and right.

Moving on from the tradition of generations, the awareness of having these things behind the power of language had settled the misconceptions of breaking the odds that was produced by the conflicting ideas of the members of the community. Because of these, the struggle to fight the increasing prejudice and the social problem arises from the bottom line of the issue. Since then, the power to develop certain criteria and use of the language as a tool of communicating with others had been undermined by some technological advancement which does not promote any metaphysical understanding.

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It is important that we use the development of our language in developing our relation to the cosmic being. With the use of the language as a powerful tool, we can not only use this as a communicating skill but the ultimate tool in discovering the facts behind the fallacies and the truths behind the fake notion. At any case, those who obtained the pure understanding of how the language works will be able to understand how different language perceived stimuli from sources and attached meaning to it as it try to develop the utmost understanding of the issue.

It also provides the venue for rationalization of everything that has been incorporated with such idea in developing behind the context of the situation. Since it has been needed to aspire the success and the continuous growth of a certain language for the achievement of the goals being set by the majority of the society where in effect, the introduction of the new system of communication will lead to a better development of communicational skills.

Since what matters most in our daily communication with other people is the meaning attached to every letters and words that came from our mouth, the internal realization of the thoughts that had been made is the primary important point in determining the validity of a statement.

Although we do not have an objective basis in pin pointing the deviation of the truth from the lie, but the greater discovery behind that is that, whenever there are sudden outburst of emotion, it is a sudden manifestation of the inner desire where the language capability of the human had been surpassed and the language he or she knows does not offer a venue or even a meaning for the said emotion.

In setting this development, we had conquered the primary barrier where people had been fighting for recognition of certain important points but failed to adhere to the basic rule of language sensitivity where all the words that we used has some implications on the social status that we have been gone through. But in the end, the language itself is a complete tool of undermining the meaning imposed by the society itself in conquering the true nature of the real world, where the language has a great effect and no one bothered to listen when you know that there have been more things to be said than to be left unspoken.

Provided that all the premises had been satisfied, logically speaking, it can give explanations to many uncertainties in life. By continuously analyzing the causality and the effects of certain situation, logically, we can arrive to a better explanation of the phenomenon that we’ve been going through. Many believed that such idea had falsely equated the truth to the absolute truth and to the ways of finding the truth.

The well supported proposition of having a logical manifestation of our daily encounters in life had been sufficiently proven by the facts and the literal explanation he mentioned. He showed that in able to define one’s position in the place where he assumed any position, it will only be put into a realization where the complete arguments and the representation of all the abstract concepts will be materialized. In this sense, all that we can give reasons and prove by any mathematical or logical explanation can be regarded as the truth and branded as the last word.

The search for this had tried to invade the human civilization as it occurred in different places across time. But the quick impact and the history left by this notion had made us developed the consciousness of having a more concise and logical views in the society as it shows the true side of the society.

Since then, the analysis of the context based on its logical composition will not only yield us in discovering the truth but also finding the way to the truth. For searching the exact definition of the experience he or she encountered, an individual can now freely assess his r her environment as it gives impact to his or her behaviors. In doing so, the subjective part of the human development will help the objective part, which is the logical and other first order knowledge, in discovering the truth behind the life scenic view of every day’s interaction with each other.

By looking into the capacity of humans to decode and understand the meaning attached to every symbols he or she is seeing in the society, by extracting the logical element of it and transforming into some useful information that can be used as the front runner of having a established notion for the people to freely assess the developmental change that might occur in the group of people as well.

In this case, the logic of dealing and having a more precise view whether it is something that needs the intervention of the cosmic side of the world or stay at least in the radical minds of the people is still important in looking forward into the impact it has in the society and the questions it forged. From the time being of realization and finding the truth behind all the questions and through scientific investigations, we can narrow down our limitations and make us more aware of the external environment that we’ve been going through.

In effect, the perspective of the world as a two-dimensional stage will be transformed into an object presented in many dimensions, each dimensions represents a part of it which may be small, but highly essential for it to exist. As we try to rediscover the known knowledge given to us by the generation that came before us, the power of discovering something and merging it as our own is the power that we can have as we go through with the challenges of life.

This book by Thomas Nagel had opened many philosophical queries and questions that until now, looks like unfamiliar to most of the people. Many still does not understand the different concepts of looking into the elements of life as Nagel tries to point out. Although we have many cultural background, we are bounded by the universality of the reaction we could made in order to secure the relationship not only with our close group but with the environment we have in our system.

Thus, language and logic is the two important tools in dealing with the search for the explanation of the existence and finding the truth hidden behind the context of certain social phenomena. As it is equally important of finding yourselves in the diversified society, this elemental component should be integrated for you to function better.

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