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Known For His Great Courage and Led Many Brave Men Into Battle

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Crazy Horse was a Sioux Indian War Chief and was a great leader and fighter. Crazy Horse in a very small Lakota village where he enjoyed his childhood. Crazy Horse’s real name is Chaoha [Cha-o-ha] which means among the trees. Currently, there is a landmark of Crazy Horse in located in Custer, South Dakota. Now that you’ve learned a little bit about Crazy Horse let’s learn some more.

On December 4th, 1841 near Rapid City, South Dakota Crazy Horse was born. When Crazy Horse was a child he didn’t go to school instead he learned everything he needed to know through his parents and his elders. While Crazy Horse was learning to be a Native American his father was not a hunter or a fighter but was a medicine man. Crazy Horse got teased a lot because of this but that only drove him to become the best hunter and fighter he could be. I think there is so much to learn about Crazy Horse and I can’t wait to learn more about him.

When Crazy Horse became an adult he got his name from his father because of all the bravery he had in battles. When Crazy Horse was talking with his father he told him about a vision he had his father told him it was what he must become. Later when he was at war he forgot about his vision and he was shot in the leg with an arrow. Crazy Horse didn’t go to college but he learned how to be a skilled hunter and fighter so he could look out for his family. To wrap it all up I think Crazy Horse was taken great care of when he was a child.

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Crazy Horse did a lot for his society he hunted to keep his family alive. Crazy Horse also had a brave spirit to protect his family, elders, and neighbors. Crazy Horse was not so lucky on September 5th, 1877 at Fort Robinson Nebraska, when he died due to a Bayonet wound. Crazy Horse is famous today for leading his war party into battle and fighting in the battles of Fetterman Fight and the battle of the little Bighorn. In conclusion Crazy Horse is a brave and courageous fighter and leader who led his war party into many battles.

In conclusion Crazy Horse was a brave and courageous fighter and also a great leader. Crazy Horse was teased but that only led him to be a better leader and to be known for a great fighter. Crazy Horse had a special vision but when he forgot about he paid dearly. He was also known for having great bravery and for leading many brave men into battles. He was a bright spirited Native American he did a lot for the people he loved what would you do for the people you love?

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