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Key Financial Relationships

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In a modern society, where everything can be explored in an instant, technology plays a primordial role. Advances in modern technology, specifically in telecommunications, have made people’s lives – from business, households, to academic institutions – more convenient. The impact of technology became evident when cell phones grew so fast in a short p of time. Modern market has arrayed a variety of mobile phones with low-priced accessories available for consumer’s preferences. And with new models coming in, wireless-service providers are growing in numbers as well.

Amongst these providers are Verizon and Sprint. Sprint Nextel Corporation is a telecommunication company that ranks as the 3rd largest wireless telecommunications network, 2nd largest wireless broadband network and 3rd largest long distance provider in United States (Sprint 2009). It’s headquarter is in Overland Park, Kansas catering around 50 million customers. Verizon, on the other hand, ranks the largest wireless telecommunications company in United States with about 81 million subscribers. It is based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

Both companies served as the two major carriers of United States that utilize CDMA technology, otherwise known as Code Division Multiple Access - a network method commonly used by radio communication technologies. Originally, cell phones coursing through CDMA technology do not support the use of Subscriber’s Identity Module (SIM). Therefore, the chance of using CDMA cell phones today is less. At the brink of this, Sprint had an advantage since the cell phones that are supporting Sprint are large in numbers.

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Apart from that, audio quality in Sprint is way better than that of Verizon’s (Fuller 2007). If Verizon is compared with Sprint, the former is quite lagged behind while the latter takes the lead firstly because the former has fewer choices for cell phone handset that people commonly use. Secondly, although both wireless-device providers offer good results on coverage and roaming, Sprint offers such services with lesser cost than Verizon. For those who seldom use roaming and prefer less costly device, going for Sprint is a good choice.

Recently, the Sprint introduces interpolated VGA resolution display which many have considered a drawback since it is way lesser than its original resolution (Fuller 2007). Sprint also promotes the use of Bluetooth 1. 1. It is mainly for the transfer of data from mobile to personal computers, and vice versa (Fuller 2007). But such scheme was considered outdated from the new Bluetooth standards. Verizon, on the other hand, was able to come up with a new scheme for Bluetooth which was welcomed greatly by the consumers.

Additionally, Verizon offered better services on IP access and Internet browsing because its software is non-erroneous, free from viruses and is considered highly robust than that of Sprint’s. Indeed, Verizon is good choice when it comes to quality and cost effectiveness. Nowadays, the influence of both providers has become an elemental tool for technology. Despite their differences, both are willing to provide positive approach on the process of development.

Their technology has provided us to look at the world in a different way. The exploring of new things for the betterment of the society is indeed, significant.


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