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Julius Ceasar

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Brutus gives his thoughts of killing Caesar in William Shakespeare’s tragedy Julius Caesaract 2 scene 1. In Brutus’s soliloquy he reveals how Caesar “might change his nature” (4). Brutus also states “he may do danger” (8). What Brutus is referring to is if Caesar gets crowned he might abuse his power. Brutus is an honorable man who is for the people of Rome. Although this might not be his reasoning for killing Caesar. It may be that Brutus himself wants power. Therefore Brutus is willing to do anything necessary to get what he wants. The metaphor Brutus uses in his soliloquy is how Caesar may climb “young ambitions ladder” (13).

Brutus repeats that Caesar is climbing a ladder to get what he wants. To repeat Brutus declares “whereto the climber-upward turn’s his face but when he once attains the upmost round he then unto the ladder turns his back” (14-16). To be sure Brutus wants to join the conspirators to kill Caesar, Brutus articulates how Caesar will turn his back on the people that he once used to get to the high place he wants to be at, which is the crown. “So Caesar may” (18). Which means Caesar might do all these bad things. Therefore Brutus thinks of Caesar as a “serpent’s egg” (23). Thus Brutus thinks it’s necessary to “kill him in the shell” (25).

At the end of Brutus’s soliloquy Brutus has made up his mind to join the conspiracy and kill Caesar. There could be many topics from this quote but the two most important topics are projection and ambition. In this soliloquy Brutus projects how he feels about Caesar. In doing so, Brutus manipulates what Caesar actions to get what he wants. Brutus wants what is best for the people and himself and Brutus thinks that Caesar will do harm to the people if he is crowned. Brutus also suggests that Caesar will change and be a different person. Everything that Brutus projects about Caesar, Brutus is construing to his own fashion.

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To be correct Brutus states that Caesar is ambitious. Brutus implies that Caesar is striving for the crown. Although Caesar doesn’t show his ambition literally he shows it other ways. Granted that Brutus may also be ambitious, due to the fact that he wants to kill Caesar and join the conspiracy. Brutus says that Caesar is ambitious for power but that might not be the case. It might be that Brutus is more ambitious than Caesar for power. Brutus does not show how ambitious he is for power until the end of his soliloquy. In this soliloquy it shows how ambition can be a negative connotation because desires something. Brutus esires Caesar to die and to make him self seem like honorable man to the people. Although in reality Brutus is just trying to get one of his desires. And Caesars desires were the crown.

If Caesar desires the crown then Caesar is in the way of Brutus’s desire. So therefore Brutus needs to think that killing Caesar is the right thing to do for himself. To conclude Brutus must kill Caesar to get what he desires the most. Although Brutus was not only influenced by his desires but the desires of Cassius. By the end of this quote it shows how Cassius projected Brutus’s thoughts of Caesar. Therefore Brutus must kill Caesar.

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