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Now I believe that childhood is the best phase of life. One never ever gets those experiences again during the rest of his life. One can see God in a child. The child has his innocence and the love he gets every time from everybody around. The child has the best grasping and memory during the phase of 2yrs. to 6yrs. This stays in memory through out the whole life. How can I forget my childhood days? Yes, I have very clear picture of my childhood days. I was the first child of my parents and as we stayed with our grandparents, I was pet and beloved one for them as well.

I had my colorful room with all eye catchy colored things like my bed, clothes, wall hangings and room full of toys (decorations) and I was really crazy for all that exciting toys. I always wanted to play with all at a time, but out of that there was one particular toy (which is still preserved) that was part of my heart, soul and body. It never allowed any tears to flow from my eyes, but the moment it was for any reason away from me the tears never stopped flowing from my eyes. My attachment was 24X7 with it.

It was none other than my precious Barbie Doll. I don’t know why, but I had a special affection, love, emotion, attachment and craze for that doll. I never ever allowed anyone to even touch that doll. My Barbie had long blond hair, blue eyes, long eye lashes and pink lips. Her waist was real skinny and her toes were flat with high heels. I loved my Barbie doll. She was more like a lively person (doll) to me. I had many friends but Barbie was my best friend, who knew everything about me, including my top secrets.

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I had a separate closet of clothes and shoes for her. I used to give a bath to her, dress her up everyday and take her with me where ever I went out with my parents or friends. I don’t know why I loved her and had so much affection towards her. May be I loved Barbie because I was girl and many girls were crazy about Babies. I don’t remember my memories from my childhood but this memory stayed with me till now and will always stay with me for my lifetime. This is my unforgettable Barbie love memory ever in my future lifetime. I really loved my Barbie doll.

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