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Journal Assignment Mechanistic

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These systems and their parts do not have purposes of their own. They have essential parts that make the whole to function for example, a clock that operates by being dictated by its internal structure and automobile which serves its purpose of driver and passenger and it can not move by its own without the driver.

Mechanistic can be open if it is affected by external events or closed if unaffected by external conditions. For example, earth is an open system because its movement is influenced by other bodies in the solar system.

Organic System

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These are purposeful systems whose parts cannot function on their own. The purpose for the system is survival. For example, lungs cannot survive on themselves but they extract oxygen from the environment for the person to survive. In order for organic system to survive they must interact with the environment and understand the properties and behavior (Morgan, 1996)

Organizations or Groups Which We Belong to Are Mechanistic

This is because there is distribution of tasks and duties are shared among members of the group. People specialize in what they can perform best and in areas where they can be most productive for the benefit of the whole group or organization. Every individual aims at improving the assigned job rather than accomplishing it. Rights and regulations are well defined in order to make sure that each members demand is taken care of.

There are technical methods of productions which includes the use of modern technology in production to offer quality goods and services. The structure of control is hierarchical based on knowledge where the managers are the most experienced people and other follow. At the top we have reconciliation and assessments of tasks that are perform to ensure they are done to the desired standards.

The communication is vertical, which is between superior and subordinates and instructions are issued by superiors who also make decisions. One condition of group membership is being loyal and obedience to the superiors.

Examples are: cyber café that offer computer based services like internet, typing and printing. There are Automobile factories that buy and sell vehicles and a club store.

How Rapid Change Affect Various Types of Organization

There will be insecurity and fear of the unknown because, the organization does not known what will follow after the rapid change and is not certain of its existence in future. If rapid change occurs in an informal group, it can cause the individual group to be transferred. There will be economic loss due to lay off of staff due to change in automation or computerization.

Inconveniencies will arise if the new techniques have to be learned because it will require money and time in order to learn them. The employees will feel that they have no control over their destiny and are not certain of their tomorrow whether they will still be working. This will make them loose morale in their work because they are not motivated.

How Rapid Ethnological/Telecommunication/Economic Change Affect the Following Firms

Auto Manufacturer

Change will transform processes through which inputs which include labor and raw materials are converted into finished goods and services. This will result to new goods being produced by use of significant innovation process that required a lot of money to implement it. Consumers will need to be contacted through sales promotion which can be done by use of television in order to create awareness about the new improved product that serve the taste and preference of consumers.(Schein,1992)

Television Firms

If the economy goes up, the firm will charge large amount of money for advertisement and because people prefer low price, the number of customer who will use the service will be few making the firm to have reduced revenue from its services. People will prefer to use modern television technology therefore the firm will have to install it which can be costly and may not have been budgeted from the beginning. The purchase price of modern technology of television is expensive and requires ample time to buy it.

A University

This will result to change in everything including the organization structure. New departments will come up and new faculties. New lecturers will be required or training for the already existing ones. Payment of employees will go up and this will also result to rise in fees to be paid by all the students. The subject combination of all the students will have to change and some will feel that they will have to transfer to other universities that offer the subjects of their choice.

There will be numerous challenges due to need for more opportunities to do research to be in line with the change. Due to change, new managers will need to be employed and this will require additional finance. The things that will have been preserved so that they can be used in future will have to be changed and this is total loss because they are durable and will not be of any more use.

State Employment and Job Training Corps

State funds will be used to implement change because there will be need for skill upgrading of employees in the state. The state initiatives will have to avail retraining programs in the use of the new technology. These changes will lead to job displacement and job changes because some positions will be of no more use and will need to be replaced. (Schein)

There will be job training committee that will be selected and training corps who will provide special programs on technological change to let the union officials respond to change effectively. This training will be made more accessible, convenient and cheap.

A Small Rural Baptist Church

Rapid technological change will affect mission work because the machines used to amplify sound will need to be changed and use more improved ones which may be expensive to buy. The language used in churches will need to be improved from vernacular to national and international language in order to avoid racial discrimination and reach the gospel everywhere. Media will need to be used to preach the gospel and this will require money to pay for TV programs.

PTA for Elementary School in a Neighborhood Where Most Parents Work in the Tourism and Travel Industry

The school will have to install the new technology which will require a lot of money. Failure to this, most parents will transfer their children to school where there is new technology. This change in technology will affect parent who are not able economically to pay for the new technology. The school will need to employ new teachers who have experience in the new technology. The students will need to change some subjects and learn new ones which require extra effort and more time.

Advantages of Top-Down Organizations

The organization focuses on utilization of resources which is from individual managed application. The available resources are put into profitable use and none of them is wasted. This leads to high quality output produced at reduced cost. The management looks for solution of all the processes to be carried out to make sure that the mission and vision of the organization is achieved through proper planning of all the activities to be carried out.

When phases for management application are completed, a deeper and more mature implementation will be established for identity in management solution. The maintenance and operation resources in top-down organizations are not impacted severely in the beginning.

Their visibility is high because everybody is able to observe changes as they happen in their place of work and also observe the shared values in the organization.(Morgan) There is confidence because, team get the opportunity to experiment new practices due to the backing of sponsors. Transparency is observed and mistakes are collected at initial stages and practices are consistent with the vision of the company.

Advantages of More Organic Organizations

Collective marketing enable farmers enjoy benefits of economies of scale because buyers want to deal with organizations rather than individual farmers. Training is provided on organic production to ensure that products are of high quality and meet the desired standards in order to generate more revenue.

The organization is able to comply with international standards required to be met  for the product to be consumed. Sample inspection is done on few farmers and this helps to reduce the cost of certification that could have been done on individual farmers. Consumers are willing to pay more for organically produced goods and services because they belief they are the best and they enjoy competitive advantage in marketing because their products are well known to customers.

Which Offer the Most Upward Mobility for Employees

Top-down organization offers upward mobility of employees because the encourage employees to work hard and give rewards to employees based on performance. The management is also accountable for staffing and experienced staffs are recruited to do the job. The employees turn over is low because of various promotions given to employees once they stay for sometime in the organization. There is no discrimination and all employees are treated equally with no favors.


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