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The hysteria of witchcraft fills the streets of Salem, Massachusetts with rumors and accusations leading to the hanging of nineteen innocent people. Arthur Miller uses this tragedy to resemble the same stupidity of the accusations of the infiltration of communists in the United States throughout the sass's.

To display the absurdness of the accusations, Miller had to create a protagonist with non-conformist views that would defy the Insanity raised by the fictitious experiences of witchcraft. Miller creates the character John Proctor, a fictional character who does not conform to the madness of Salem. At times he may seem like a bad man trying to do a good deed, but, on the contrary, Is quite a good man. Through the actions after his affair with Abigail, by defending his wife, and by standing up for his religious and personal viewpoints, John Proctor proves that he is indeed a good man.

It cannot be denied that John Proctor had an affair with Abigail Williams. He did something wrong and his actions haunt him throughout the play. He did break the sixth commandment, but because he is a sinner does not mean he is a terrible man. Everyone has sinned, and they cannot try and change that. It is how they deal with sin that defies who they are. John Proctor shows that he Is not bad by having the feeling of guilt. For without guilt, it would mean that what he did, in his eyes did not feel wrong. This Is not the case because during act one, while Proctor Is Introduced,

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Abigail tempts him while they are alone. Abigail: Give me a word John. A soft word. Her concentrated desire destroys his smile. John: No, no, Baby. That's done with. (Miller 22) Proctor denies all temptations that would lead to the feeling of guilt later on, showing his good morals as well as his love for Elizabeth still exists. Even though John betrayed Elizabeth, he still loves her and will protect her no matter the circumstances. One Instance that Proctor could easily be ridden of his wife Is let her be taken and then eventually get with Abigail.

It seems a bit preposterous, but is reactions are those of any good man in that he defends his wife. Cheaper asks, Cheaper: Now, woman, will you please to come with me? John: She will not! (73) He defends Elizabeth as well in court by giving up his good name to try and soil Abigail. Even when they tell him that Elizabeth has been given a year for pregnancy to have a baby, this does not stop him because he wants to try and free all of the wrongly accused. Although, even after he confesses to the affair, his wife defends him by not telling the truth.

This shows that throughout everything that happens an intelligent woman such as Elizabeth still loves John. She knows that John made a mistake, but he is still the good man that she fell in love with. In loving Elizabeth, John cares for her when she is sick. The care for his wife leads to many absences in church. Only attending "twenty-six time in seventeen month" (64) can be assumed that it is not only Just because he cared for his wife, but because he did not care for the reverend. John's defiance of Reverend Paris at first seems to Just match Proctor's personality of rebelliousness.

On the contrary, his defiance shows the DOD side of him. This shows that he believes that Paris' greed should have nothing to do with the church that he was so involved in before. He also is a strong believer that the place of worship does not matter, it's the quality of worship that usurps the location. This reveals that he truly cares enough about his religious beliefs that when he felt that Paris was not a good religious influence on his children he slowly began to go to church less and less. This ideology is shown during act two. Hale: Mr.. Proctor, your house is not a church; your theology must tell you that.

John: It does, sir, it does; and it tells me that a minister may pray to God without he have a golden candlesticks upon the altar. (65) Proctor's first impression on the reader is one of a flawed man. He slowly has to earn the reader's respect and becomes the good guy of the story. He supports his wife in her times of need. He defies all attempts by Abigail to spark another affair. He risks all he has to try and stand up for what he believes is right. Through his actions in The Crucible, John Proctor earned the respect he deserves and is shown as the good man that he truly is.

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