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Job Analysis essay example

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Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices LLC


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Job analysis: Management Accountant

A.    Organizational Locator

The following partial organizational chart identifies the position and locator of Management Accountant for the Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices LLC. Functionally, the Management Accountant (MA) provides all the internal information support for tactical and strategic decision making at every level of management (Atkinson, Banker, Kaplan & Young, 2001). He reports to the Chief Financial Officer, together with the lateral equals: Chief Marketing Officer, the Chief Production Officer, among other officers of the company. 

Figure 1

Organizational Locator of Management Accountant

Especially highlighted in the ever-changing environment in the manufacturing industry where Siemens belong, the position of Management Accountant (MA) is an indispensable provider of critical information to management on such areas as, but not limited to the following major functions:  (a) budget preparation and implementation, and performance review which consists of assisting the various managers of the company identify, allocate and manage the resources necessary to achieve its unit goals and objectives, (b) revenue and cost management which determines specific management accounting strategies that maximizes the organization’s income generating and target costing trajectories (Atkinson et al, 2001), and (c) strategic planning and consulting which is a component of management accounting that integrates all the qualitative and quantitative factors to map out the directions towards the long term, (Garrison & Noreen, 2004) Anthony & Govindarajan, 2003).

In more functional detail these consists of the: (1) adoption of the activity-based budget management that utilizes a zero-based projections based on targets; (2) Financial analysis to determine the operating efficiency and effectiveness of every productive segment as well as in aggregation, especially the production department (Gibson, 1998) of the company so that proper decision making and controls can be made in the areas of profitability, stability, solvency, turnovers, and other indicators of organizational health. This is aimed at developing short, medium and long-term strategies for the entity (Anthony & Govindarajan, 2003). Likewise, (3) the need to utilize relevant and applicable traditional and strategic management accounting tools (Agamata, 2002) to address recurring and non-recurring issues critical to the company’s operational efficiency and effectiveness; (4) the identification of internal operating as well as external weakness and opportunities, commonly called the SWOT factors and processes to the company brought about by its market status and position.

Similarly, Management Accountants also guide managers in developing proactive technology-driven measures and techniques to lead in a competitive market (Anthony & Govindarajan, 2003). All these specific management approaches are designed to preempt the competition’s strategic move to dominate the market with the best customers possible (Taylor & Greco, 2002).

The job analysis process required the preparation of the following job description information which can help attain a good job design (Tropman, 2001) through a job analysis information form (JAIF). Below is the summary of questionnaire including several other methods of data gathering such as interview, questionnaire or observations, focus group discussion.

Below is a rundown of the questionnaire type:

       Question:     What is the primary responsibility for the job?

     Answer:      Preparation of the regular (periodic) and special production reports especially in the areas of budgeting, revenue and cost management and strategic planning for all decision makers in all management levels including Siemens. This also includes the preparation of the regular (periodic) and special production reports especially in the areas of budgeting, revenue and cost management and strategic planning for all decision makers in all management levels including Siemens.

  Question:     What is the next logical position to which you would expect to be promoted?

  Answer   :     The Chief Financial Officer, who represents the entire financial and management accounting functions in the company

   Question :     What are some of your primary job duties? Indicate which of these are done on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule, periodic or irregular intervals?

   Answer   :     Daily: Accumulation and sorting of accounting data prepared and submitted by the Management Accounting staff in charge of budget, revenues/cost, strategic planning inputs. Weekly: Preparation and submission of weekly production reports along – utilization of budget, variance analysis and; Monthly: Preparation of monthly reports on budget utilization, including variance analysis; Attends management meeting to clarify analytical data for managers.

Questions:       Are there any duties that you currently perform that you deem unnecessary. If yes please give examples.

Answers:          To backup the treasury accountant in his financial tasks almost daily who is always in

meetings. The treasury accountant should undertake custodianship instead of recording.

Questions:         Are there any duties that you are not performing at this time that should be included in

your current job duties?

Educational level.  Graduate of BS Accountancy; must be a Certified

Management Accountant (CMA),

Experience   : Two years experience in management accounting in a related field. If applying            from internal sources, a consistent very satisfactory performance evaluation rating for at least three evaluation periods.

Question          What are some of the skills required to perform successfully in this position

Answer:           Computers with windows applications; fax and photocopying machines,

Question          What types of equipment are you required to operate?

Question          Briefly describe the working conditions

Answer:           Unionized group;

40 hours workweek, need to render overtime from to time;

Team environment; Must be heavy practitioner of  Ethics for Management Accountants;

High Confidentiality of sensitive data.

                Based on the above job analysis, the following job description can be designed and formalized. Hence, considering the job analysis conducted the job description is presented below:


Job Title           :                              Management Accountant

Department     :                               Controller/Accounting

Reports to       :                                Chief  Financial Officer

Wage Classification:                       Salary Plus Performance Bonus

General Description of the job:       Accumulates and manages financial and cost accounting

                                                        information (budgets, revenues and cost, etc) for purposes of

                                                        decision making by managers in various levels.

Job Activities   :                               Gathers financial and management data/information affecting all

                                                   units of the company; classifies and sorts accounting information

                                                   according to segments, products, geographical locations, and other

                                                   means needed by all decision makers; gathers the specific plans

                                                   and activities of each segments and quantifies to articulate the

                                                   plans towards the short-medium-long term; analysis of internal and

                                                  external data through trending, ratio percentages, fractions etc.

                                                  Prepares financial executive summaries for all unit managers;

                                                  Attaches various formatted financial and management reports for

                                                  submission to the various managers;  Attends meetings where

                                                  management accounts may help internalize and understand

                                                  implications of management reports.  Supervises three assistants.

                                                  Other related tasks assigned from time to time.

General Qualifications Requirements

Experience and Training                With two years of related experience


                                                        If applying from internal sources, must meet a continuous very

                                                        satisfactory performance evaluation for at least three consecutive


Education:                                       A graduate of BS Accountancy

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities       Proficient in Windows applications; analytical skills, with ability to

be team-oriented; Technical: Computer skills in an accounting

environment Analytical skill, Time management, communications

proficiency in oral and written English. Leadership skill in

supervising a small accounting unit. Interpersonal skills as this

required working with people

Machines Operated                         Computers, fax, telephone and other office appliances;

photocopying machines

Tests                                              Candidates must pass the company aptitude test.

Responsibilities                              Must be able to gather, handle, analyze and interpret accounting

                                                      data and information for submission and discussion with the various

                                                      managers of the company.

Working conditions                       Unionized group; 40 hours workweek, need to render overtime from to time;

        Team environment; Must be heavy practitioner of  Ethics for

       Management Accountants

Part B Requirement.

                      Below is a list of resumes taken from the different sources. Partly, the resumes were

collected based on the following job postings: (a) Internal job posting which requires that any form of vacancy shall be filled up initially by qualified applicants from within the company.  In this way, existing employees are given the chance to apply and be promoted to the positions they are aiming for or aim for the position that best suits their qualifications and this is done through posting of internal applications and imposing a deadline to allow teachers; (b) from or other websites such as and other similar portals which Siemens Home and Office Communications utilized as venue for easy access of applicants and which is one of the most successful online job placements on the internet. (c) direct application and submission of resumes from walk-in applicants which is the traditional way of job application and this involves the manual submission of resumes at the premises of the company; (d) referrals from employees and clients which is a system of recruitment based on expanded circle of referrals. In this regard, recruitment is not posted but provided mostly by parties knowledgeable to the company or its officers. And (e) other sources can be in the form of unsolicited letters through received the mails with the applicant simply exploring the means to possibly, by luck, be able to get employed therein.

The applicants are summarized as follows:

          Applicant number 1 is a graduate of BS Accountancy with a three-year experience as cost accountant at Dow Chemical, Inc. His credentials include exposure to a wide variety of reports being submitted to the management for decision-making, passed the qualifying test and interviewed with good results. Availability is immediate but without supervisory experience.

Applicant number 2 is a graduate of BS Chemical Engineering with a license. He has a five-year experience with an affiliate of Siemens in Dallas and was referred by the CEO of that affiliate company. A very active, skilled worker, he is well-versed in communication and interpersonal skills, adept at computer applications and has a strong character of assertiveness and being able to correlate himself with the top management. He has a knack for persuasion but was found to have a track credibility problem with the former employer.

Applicant number 3 is a BS Accountancy graduate with a one-year management accounting experience with Southern Bell in a supervisory position. He has passed the interviews and written qualifying tests with very satisfactory results. He has a master’s degree and was credited with a paper on Management Accounting in the electronics industry. His availability is immediate and has a limited supervisory experience but with a pleasant personality needed to manage people.

Applicant number 4 is a BS Accountancy graduate who applied through the; without experience. A fresh graduate without supervisory experience, the applicant had excellent skills in management accounting, highly proficient in networked computers and a number of applications; He is taking up the CMA norm and is to take the certification examination for CMAs within the month.

Applicant number 5 is Business Management graduate with a two-year academic background in management accounting. He has a three-year experience as Senior Management Accountant of Sara Lee in the Houston area and has a number of commendations as Management Accountant from the company.

Applicant number 6 is a BS Accountancy graduate from a foreign country, graduated with honors and has a five-year audit experience with KPMG. When tested, he has excellent skills in Management Accounting and reporting with high accuracy results. He is not a resident of the United States.

Applicant number 7 is a BS Accounting graduate of a local university in San Antonio, Texas. He has a Master’s Degree but appears to be too old for the job and may not be able to cope with the demands of supervision and the fast-paced environment. He has extensive experience in auditing and management accounting.

Applicant number 8 is lady CPA and a CMA licensee as well. Armed with a three-year experience with Samsung USA assigned as Management Accountant with the electronics division, she applied through the and is a resident of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Highly skilled in interpersonal and analysis, the applicant is known to many employees of Siemens. However, she appeared to have been employed by three firms in a period of five years.

Applicant number 9 is a BS Accountancy graduate with high honors. A CPA licensure topnotcher, the applicant has no experience, but turned out to have an exceptional skill as a fast learner. Applicant number 10 is an incumbent employee of Siemens. A CPA taking up training as CMA, the applicant can had a record of very satisfactory performance rating with the credit division of Siemens. Although she is very qualified for the job, she is however an asset of her unit who cannot be released without affecting the operations of the credit area. She has no possible replacement if she transfers as Management Accountant of SHC. This is promotion for her.

The Selection Process.

         Based on the list of applicants, there appears to be a limited number  who exactly qualifies for the position. Although a few – Applicants number 3, 8 and 10 are the most likely candidates, Siemens must undertake a set of processes to prepare any of these shortlisted candidates in the event that one is chosen for the position. Thus the criteria of the vacancy and the characteristics of the applicants will have to be calibrated to determine who best qualifies for the job.

        The critical factors of the Management Accountant position for Siemens are: supervision considering that the information for decision making will come from the subordinates, education and skills.  Closing in on the three qualifiers, applicant number 3 appears a good choice but will have to be reprocessed through training as he has limited experience on the job and lacks supervisory exposure as well. Applicant number 8 is an ideal candidate for the position except for the turnover rate of successive employment which could put the company to another recruitment stage should the candidate decides to leave again.

           Applicant number 10 is equally a good candidate with a plus being an existing employee of Siemens. Thus, the final selection stalemate will have to be broken through a number of recruitment factors Siemens might adopt. First, existing employees will have to be given preferences in terms of internal recruitment to maintain morale and recognize loyalty. Training will not be difficult for applicant number 10 considering she is an incumbent employee and is assumed to be thoroughly familiar with the business. The vacancy she will create can readily be filled up by candidate number 3 or 8 who can be taken in to replace candidate number 10. Or replacement for candidate number 10 can come from within Siemens anew. Whoever among applicants 3 or 8 is not hired can be classified under active file and serve as reserve candidate during the current period. Thus, priority queuing could be candidates number 10, 8 and 3. In all cases, Siemens will only incur minimal cost to train, compliance requirements for the position of management accountant adequately addressed and a good gesture of recognition for loyalty and performance accorded candidate number 10.

List of References

Agamata, Franklin. Management Advisory Services, 2002 Edition, Redman Printing, Manila, 2002

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                Asia, Singapore, 2003

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New Jersey, 2001

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               Francisco, California, 2001


Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices LLC

Summary of Candidates’ Qualifications

Job Vacancy: Management Accountant

Name of Candidate

Recruitment Source

Educational &





(2 years related)


·    Team

·      IT/Communications

·     Supervisory

·     Leadership

Aptitude test  Rating Score out of 100



out of 100




Classified/Want ads

BS Accountancy;

Three-years experience in related job with DowChem.

Microsoft Office Applications;

Enterprise Resource Package;

With supervisory exposure;



Immediately available




Referral From CEO of Siemens affiliate

BS Chem Engineering;

Five-year experience in unrelated job


Microsoft Word and Excel & ERP;

No supervisory exposure


Persuasive but lacks track record credibility; not immediately available



BS Accountancy (UTex-San Antonio) with MBA in the discipline.

One-year in identical task

45 wpm

Windows 2000. Microsoft Word & Excel, ERP;

Excellent communications;

Limited supervision but with potentials; very pleasant personality.



Lives in Dallas area; immediately available





BS Accountancy;

To take CMA norm within the month.

No experience but highly proficient in Management Accounting.

50 wpm

Graphics artist

Windows 2000. Microsoft Word & Excel, ERP and Network



Not readily available;




BS Business Management;

3-year academic background in MA

Three-year as Senior Mgt Accountant  with Sara Lee

45 wpm

Customer service skills.



With commendations from company for good performance




BS Accountancy honors

Audit experience with KPMG; excellent skills in MA

45 WPM

Microsoft Office Applications

Audit software




Not a resident of the USA.





BS Accounting with Master’s Degree

Extensive experience in audit and management accounting

35 wpm

Microsoft Word and Excel

Satisfactory communication skills



Appears too weak for the job. May not stand against fast-paced stress




BS Accountancy


Experience with Samsung electronics division as Management Accountant

55 WPM

Windows Vista/2000

Microsoft Applications and ERP;

Low loyalty index



Resident of Dallas, known to many Siemens employees






CPA with honors

No experience

60 wpm

Windows 2000/XP

Microsoft Office Applications

Exceptional skill



Fast learner




Internal Job Posting

CPA with CMA credits
Internal MA experience with Siemens’ Credit with very satisfactory performance

56 WPM

Team-oriented leadership

Office applications with ERP;

Audit software


Needs replacement in the credit division. Cannot be released without replacement




Name               :                       ANTHOMY RIES

Education        :                       BS Accountancy

Work Experience:

            Management/|Cost Accountant


            Dow Chemicals, Inc.

Freeport, Texas

Area of Responsibility:


Financial analysis and management reporting of Texas manufacturing operations for purposes of Target Costing,.Logistics Management, Transfer Pricing, Responsibility Accounting and Performance Reporting System. Supervises three Financial analysts performing budget variance reports, target cost analysis and performance reports.

Reports Prepared:

Performance Reporting System furnished all Managers articulating financial and operating performance on a monthly basis. This includes segment reporting of all DowChem operating units.  The reports guide managers on target costing through activity-based management approach to manufacrturing.


I am team-oriented with mastery level skills in Microsoft Office Applications, JD Edwards Enterprise Resource Planning package; All Microsoft Office Applications; With supervisory exposure.

Reference/s      Andrew Sparks

                        Plant Supervisor

Dow Chemicals, Freeport, Texas

Michael Scaffold

Senior Management Accountant

Dow Chemicals,Freeport, Texas

Others             Immediately available


Curriculum Vitae

Objective    :   Apply professional management accounting tasks

Name         :   Stephen Booth

                          Lake Charles, Louisiana

Course Completed: BS Chemical Engineering


                        Reengineering Auditor

                        Siemens Water Technologies

                        Dallas, Texas



          Job analysis of all staff positions, preparation   of job descriptions and establishment of work systems to improve efficiency, manage costs and increase funds flow.


                          Knowledge in operating all office machines; Enterprise Resource Planning software; Team oriented and willing to undergo supervisory training.

Reference:  Roger Spelling

                     Chief Executive Officer

                     Siemens Water Technologies

                     Dallas, Texas

Resume 3



Address:  Houston, Texas

Course :   BS Accountancy

                 University of Texas, San Antonio


                 Master in Business Administration

                 University of Texas


                  Management Accountant

                  Dallas Technologies, Inc.




                  Mastery of all MS Office Applications

                  Knowledge of ERP (JDE & SAP)

                  Good communications and potentials

                  Immediately available

Resume 4

Curriculum Vitae

NAME…………….Stanley Ford

ADDRESS……….Forth Worth, Texas

EDUCATION…….BS Accountancy


Skills………………Keyboarding, Graphics

                              Windows and Office Applications

                                  ERP (SAP) & Network

Others…………….Available for employment in two months

Resume 5


Name              : Alfred St. John

Address        :  Dallas, Texas

Education   : BS Business Management major in Management Accounting

Experience     :

                            Senior management accountant

                          Sara Lee, Inc.

                          Houston, Texas

                             With commendations for good performance


                             Customer Service

                            Knowledge of Office Machines and Computer Applications

/resume 6

Curriculum vitae

Name:                                Paul Clarke

Address:                            San Antonio, Texas

Education:                        BS Accountancy

                                              Cum Laude

Experience:                       Audit supervisor & Management Analysis

                                              KPMG Consulting, Dallas, Texas

Skills:                                   Keyboarding

                                              All MS Office Applications

                                              JDE audit software

                                              Knowledge of JDE enterprise package

Resume 7

Curriculum vitae

NAME:                      Jaime Thomas

ADDRESS:               Houston Texas,

Education:                BS Accounting

                                  Masters in Business Administration

Experience:              Audit supervisor and Management Assistant

                                  Edwards & Cheney Consulting

Skills:                         Keyboarding

                                  Communication skills

                                  Office applications

Others                       Willing to be trained for the job

Resume 8

Curriculum Vitae

Name:                       MARY NATHALIE STANFORD

                                  Forth Worth, Texas

Education:                BS Accountancy

                                  Certified Public Accountant

                                  Certified Management Accountant

Skills:                         Keyboarding

                                  Windows/Office Applications/ERP (JDE AND SAP)

Experience:              Management Accountant

                                  Samsung Electronics, USA

                                  Management Accountant

                                  Dallas Technologies, Inc.

                                  Management Accountant – Mfg Division

                                  Home Depot Texas

Resume 9



ADDRESS…………….Dallas, Texas

Education……………..BS Accountancy with Honors

                                     A Certified Public Accountant

Skills…………………. All Office Applications

                                     A fast learner


Resume 10


Name…………………….SHERRYL CRUZ

Address………………….Forth Worth, Texas

Education……………….BS ACCOUNTANCY

Licenses …………  Certified Public Accountant

Experience…………….Management Accountant

                                    Siemens Home & Office Communications LLC - Credit Division

Prepares all management reports for managers   periodically; with consistent excellent performance.

Skills………………………..All types of office machines

                                       JDE AND SAP ERPS

                                             Audit Software

Others…………………Willing to start immediately


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