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Siemens has focused in technological achievement, international, reliability and quality. Siemens has coupled innovative concepts and creative ideas with future-sighted willingness and taking in business risk to make the company strong. Siemens brand can be reflected around the globe because of its sustainability, technology and financial leaderships, market leadership and values.

Global presence

As Siemens maintain the Regional Companies directly at their customer's location.

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The employees of Siemens will represent Siemens in the employees' countries in order to maintain contact to customers across their sectors. By equipping with technologies from different Siemens Sectors and Divisions, this approach pays off particularly well in major projects such as hospitals, airports and sport stadiums.

Value creation can be seen as an integrated process extending from the supplier to the customer. Even under challenging circumstances, their outstanding network of suppliers ensures reliable delivery.

Technology and innovation Siemens everyday activities emphasis what it means to be an integrated technology company.

At their Corporate Technology Department, Siemens employees Join forces cross Sector for instance to create tomorrow's technologies today. They are exploiting synergies to drive technological progress and technology transfer throughout their organization. Their people are continually contributing to their success everywhere at Siemens by exchanging innovative ideas and solutions.

Portfolio management Siemens is one of the strong financially company in an outstanding competitive position, they can target their portfolio and investments specifically to attractive growth markets. Even in economically difficult times, their financial clout has proven its worth of a longstanding

strength of Siemens.

Cross-business initiatives As a whole, they are ensuring a continuous transfer of knowledge and experience on all topics that affect Siemens to enable them to fully leverage the potential of their integrated technology company.

Their service business is a prime example here. The segment in which they are expanding now on their service business are profiting from the outstanding culture in place already with other organization units.


New entrants The entrant barrier of this industry is high as the equipment is of high technology. Siemens faces intense competition across its market segments. Siemens is big brand ND having good capital to capture small market too. In all sectors of business environment new competitors are increasing rapidly and some of them find success and some are not.

Siemens, Samsung, Toshiba, L ; T and other big corporations have covered small rural areas and sold their products at very comparative price as well. New entrants are having less scope to capture market against these big giants because of lack of capital and resources.


Siemens soot analysis By written provides products that are considered more necessary to customers because Siemens is mostly in high-tech industries. Recently the economic crisis has also had a negative effect on Siemens' stock price over the past month.

It is not economically feasible for it to be completely focused in one or more particular areas Though Siemens' large size is an advantage in many ways, it is also a potential liability. In one or more particular areas, it is not economically feasible for it to be completely focused on.

Environmental and other government regulations

In Siemens, the new regulation of producers of electrical and electronic goods financially responsible for specified collection, recycling, treatment and disposal of sat and future covered products post sizeable costs and liabilities to Siemens.

However, there are small companies are gaining market share by their products with a lower price and this is making the competition more intense. Because of the global economy has not fully recovered from the financial crisis, therefore the market has not fully recovered as well. Other than that, it is very difficult for Siemens to get new funding as the credit is still tight from external capital market. Threat of substitutes The competition between Siemens and other company is much more higher than there industries as Siemens is a huge industry with different sectors.

In this industry, Siemens competes with big players such as General Electric (GE) of Fairfield, Con. , and ABA of Switzerland. It happens when customers find different way of doing what they do. And this kind of things reduces their product demand. GE has a strong market position in this industry, while ABA has great advantages in power generation and transmission. Because of this reason Siemens has started to invest more and more money in research and development to find more and more advance technology and uniqueness in their product.

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