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Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth: Summary

Hema and Kaushik had an affair they meet in Italy after having a two long decades. Hema, now a college professor, who is upset about her previous affair with a married man and plans to settle down by marrying someone she barely knows. Kaushik, a world traveling, successful photojournalist, is preparing to accept a desk job in Hong Kong.

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In spite of all that, they find their deep connection irresistible and must reckon it with the lives they have chosen to lead. Her parents introduce Navin to Hema and they had an arrange marriage.

She thought that Julian was going to leave his wife, to be with her so she agreed to marry Julian. She decide not to marry Navin because she concerned it to be and arrange not a marriage and she said that nerving was He decide not to leave his wife so Hema decide to marry Navin. She had just know Navin for only three weeks before she decide to marry him. The parent did not know about Julian it was and surprise to them because they thought is was single because she was shy, she had devoted all her time to her studies to be bothered with a men.

Her mother asked hema on her thirty-fifth birthdays, if she had preferred women. They had never heard about Julian and about them having an affair with him for two half years they had no idea about him, never mind that he was an married man. When she was in Rome, she communicated with Navin by E-mail or she talked with him a few times on the phone the conversation got heavy. They also talked about their honeymoon in Goa. Hema did not miss him but she looked forward to Calcutta to marry him and returning with him on the plane, and on time for her to resume teaching at Wellesley.

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