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Jhola: A 2014 Nepali Film Based On A Story By Writer Krishna Dharabasi

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While watching the film, the audience could not control their emotions and break down to tears. The film was loved by people of all age. This movie truly reflects the life of early 19th-20th century of rural Nepal. Although it is about cruel Sati practice in which wives must burn themselves with their husbands’ dead body. The movie also shows the social, economic, and cultural problems of Nepalese society. In the ancient period, “women were treated like a slave.

For men, women were the machines to produce babies and do all the work for them. They often work harder than men, both outside and inside the house for their family well-being” (Nepal: Society & Culture). We can see in the movie, women agree to everything that man ask her to do even the cruelty of burning themselves with their dead husband. Director Yadav has presented this movie beautifully in one and half hour movie. He tried to do his best including all cruel system of the society, focusing more on Sati system.

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The system of marrying a young girl or a woman after one’s wife dies was considered fine and acceptable in the society, but when women re-married also had to burn themselves alive. He also showed in the movie that how slaves were treated before. All the characters in the movie are the popular actors of Nepalese society during that time. The settings of this movie look perfect, and non-Nepali people can also watch and enjoy this movie because it has English subtitles. This film was watched and enjoyed by all age people sitting together with their family members. The writer also brought this movie to the United States on April 13, 2014 for its screening and got succeed as well.

Jhola is a historical movie to show and give some knowledge about the time of our ancestors. It is a true mirror of violence against women several years ago. The audience could have a good view of the society where women were dominated if they tried to raise their voice against the system. They would treat cruelly and banish from the village. For example, in the movie, Kanchi’s brother in-law told his wife, “if you speak like this, villagers will prove you insane and chase you out of the village.” when she asked justice for Kanchi because she was married to old man and she was too young to be Sati.

“Domestic violence, gender discrimination, and sexual assaults against women were common during ancient times and is still on” (Nepal: Society & Culture). Besides entertainment, the movie gives the understanding of the culture and tradition. A movie based on historical shows how women were suppressed and even if some men wanted to change the system, they couldn’t but later prime minister Chandra Shumshere ended the system. 

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