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Is Lie Good or Bad

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I recently read the story named” The Whole Truth”. This story was telling us lies are a bad idea but you can lie in some situations. This story told us about a yound man named Bob, he lied to a parking lot owner that he was graduated from high school and he was 21 years old but actually he was 18. He got a job. After 4 months, his boss suggested him to go to college. He feel nervous because he lied to his boss and that will be the cause him to lose his job.

Acording to the passage which was said: “Most of people agree that telling lies is a bad idea. But there are times when telling a lie might be a good idea”. First of all, lie is considered to be bad, and most people hate liars. Have you ever read the ironic story named “a wolf and a liar” about a shepherd boy always lie with the villagers about a wolf is attacking his sheeps and need help and one day that happen and this boy called for help but noone help him because they think he just wanted to make fun and a wolf killed many sheeps of him.

Moreover, some lie can be cause of serious problem. If you had been watching many criminal movies you might know about this which is about some people wanted to have more benefit for themselves and they provide a wrong information that may cause that company have to face a serious challege such as backrupt and workers in that company also may lost their job. On the other hand, some times you can telling a lie because that help you pass the trouble, help yourself or to help others.

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The passage above about a young man who lied to a parking lot owner to get a job but he really work hard there. No one in the world is never lie before and also now. Here is very symple example which is about 2 lover, a man love 1 girl and he have to lie to his girlfriend whenever he wanted to go out with her because she very busy with her studies and her job. In my opinion, every one did lie at least a hundred times in their life but you have to think before you tell other a lie.

You have to know about consequence of what you are doing, is it bad or good? Some people they totally believe lie is a badest thing of the world because they believe that liars are always a bad people and that is a crime. However, my opinion is their adversary. I don’t say lie is good but it depend on what you are lying about and who you are lying to. In conclusion, no one can tell that lie is good or bad because lie can help people and also can cause people to face with a serious problem.

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