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Inventory Systems Summary

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Forecasting is a planning tool meant to help management in their attempts to cope with the uncertainty of the potential events. Forecasting with indices is used for numerous reasons, especially in business. There are two common methods of forecasting, there is the quantitative method and then there is the qualitative method. The quantitative methods are based on more numerical data; these are typically statistical methods done by collecting data. Team D has computed a forecast based on the Summer Historical Inventory Data with an explanation on how the results were detained.

The University of Phoenix has found Itself in a lot of trouble with the law, with law suits being filed against them left right and center; an overwhelming amount of crystals has been aimed at the Institution from the employees to students, who Indicate there Is trouble brewing In the Institution. In this paper we will look at how the trend of admissions has been affected and predict the future of registrations in this university (Summer Historical Inventory Data).

According to Institution of education sciences (2010), the year 2000 University of Phoenix had 4,783; the enrollment after this sky rocketed and in fall 2006, the total number of students enrolled were 165,373, in 2007 fall, the number of students was 224,880, in 2008 fall the number was 301 323, In the fall of 2009, university of Phoenix had one of the highest enrollment rates in North America with the online program having an intake of 380,232 students.

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Inventory Systems Summary

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Projection statistics all indicate that enrollment of students Is on the Increase as the years pass by, the need for education Is growing ND all factors considered like gender, age and attendance all show that the likelihood of a fall In enrollment in universities granting degrees Is highly unlikely. University of Phoenix has been no exception to the rule as by 2009 the numbers have been increasing (Institution of education sciences, 2010).

The rate of part time students NAS particularly Increased, as many people opt Tort tans Upton as opposed to being full time students. The university has experienced changes in administration and has really focused on getting more and more students; the methods they have seed however have raised eyebrows as it is one of the highest profit raking institutions and burdens students with heavy loan repayments (Scott, 2009).

While there have been concerns raised about the university, as far back as 2006, the numbers have kept rising especially because the offer classes online, though their many campuses and other hybrid programs online, such schedules are flexible and appeal to many who may not have the time to attend campus regularly; Students can get their associates, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees (Online degree reviews, 2011). Opinions from many people who have been through the university are however likely to affect the enrollment rates.

In 2011, the general enrollment has gone down by about 30% by most statistics and with the malpractices that are coming to light this rate is likely to continue, as the needs of the students do not seem to be met adequately and many end up feeling they got a raw deal (Scott, 2009). University of Phoenix has certainly perfected the art of getting the numbers to the school with many people employed to ascertain this, however the problems begin to how after the students begin school as they most often do not get the full details of what they are getting themselves into (Online degree reviews, 2011).

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