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Interpersonal needs

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My dominate interpersonal need is inclusion. This is defined by Scouts as "the need to maintain a satisfactory relationship with respect to interaction and association" (Scouts, 1956 p. 19). I interact with my family and friends to meet my interpersonal need of inclusion. When I take my son to the beach, I usually call my sister or friend. I invite them to come with us. During the holidays, I attend several events. Weather the activity is at school, with family members or a community event, I love to Join in the festivities. Sometimes I come home and my husband is watching a movie with our boys.

I drop my backpack and Join them on the couch. We share some popcorn, and a few laughs as we enjoy the movie for the seventeenth time. I am a member of a couple support groups online. One group is for mothers of children with autism. The other group is for families affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy. These support groups have been very fulfilling for me as a mother. Having children with special needs can be very isolating. In these support groups, I am able to reach out to people in similar situations. We share advice. We cheer each other on, and cry together too. I am grateful to be associated with these support groups.

I feel satisfied that my dominate interpersonal need is being fulfilled. I am surrounded by loving, and caring individuals. I feel am very fortunate in this aspect. My dominate interpersonal need of inclusion, helps me maintain close relationships with important people in my life. This need hinders me as well. I often become overwhelmed. I tend to spread myself too thin. It is hard to find a balance, between family, friends, work and school. In order to avoid this overexertion, I need to become more organized. I need to maintain a schedule, and try not to be too many places at once.

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Interpersonal needs

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